A British Communist in Texas: The Well Vs City Water Also: Inefficient Jewish Capitalism Vs Hitler

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[This is from an American lady I have known for almost 20 years. At one point she even lived in Rhodesia for a short while. She's deeply Christian. This is an interesting story. Whites need to begin pushing back on all fronts. Jan]

Hi Jan,
Read this interesting text from my son who lives on a farm (rental) in Texas:

Oh boy. Well I went down to pay the final city water bill at the little bruceville-eddy city hall. The local bureaucrat was a British lady, I told her we didn’t need to have the water turned back on and she said that we weren’t allowed to use our well! I asked why, and she said "well you can’t! You have to use the city water!"
I asked why and she said "well think what would happen if you went to well water: everyone would just start putting wells in and no one would use the city water!" I said "ok, so if I don’t care and I use the well are you going to send someone to tie me to a chair and turn it off before my eyes? That’s crazy. We have the well, it’s been there for 100 years, we can use it if we like. This is America."
She looked at me with her mouth open in disbelief like "my word these commoners are starting to realize they have free will!!!" and said "well we test the water monthly! You don’t know what that well water has in it!!" I said "well we like it better, you can just talk to the land lord about it. Have a nice day!"

And why in the world are there lefty bureaucrats in a little town will 5 people in it anyway? It’s like they’ve been planted by those commies

My answer:
Don’t let them come out with a test. They will charge you for it. Get a test kit and test the well water yourself. If you let them test it they will say it hasn’t got the required additives like chlorine and fluoride, and accuse you of endangering children. Also don’t mention any information about the owner of the property. The less information you give to these swamp people the better.

My Comments to her:
Thanks for this. I like it a lot. These English people are so weak and pathetic. Even here in SA.

… snip …

Now here in SA with our nasty power outages the Blacks want to CHARGE US MORE FOR ELECTRICITY IF WE HAVE OUR OWN SOLAR PANELS!!! Can you get a load of that? How insane is that?

This brings me back to some topics you and I used to discuss. Do you remember how we agreed that business was the most efficient way to get things done?
Well, in the 20 years or so since we had that discussion I must tell you I nowadays watched how business, globally and in SA has become more INEFFICIENT.
Business can totally waste money. Take COVID for example. I’m convinced that JEWS are making business, especially global businesses totally inefficient and they’re doing it so they can either rake in money for them and their bum chums or because they’re busy with some other communist agenda.

Keep watching BIG BUSINESS. It is anti-white, pro-communist and full of lots of wastage. I have changed from loving Capitalism, to advocating that the super rich be executed for treason.

Hitler and Mussolini had "capitalism" and business in their systems and it worked great. But you need to monitor the rich.

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