A Big overblown Jewish Paper Tiger: China – An Army and Navy of ACTORS!

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The dumb useless Chinese have recently been making moves, possibly to help Putin by getting the West to focus elsewhere, like Taiwan. I suspect they are doing this to help their buddy Putin because he’s taking a beating from hell in Ukraine.

Anyway, the dumb retarded Chinese know their limits. They know they’re useless. So you’ll see them maneuvering around Taiwan and engaging in all kinds of THEATRICS … and they’re doing THEATRICS because they know THEY’LL GET THEIR ASSES KICKED IN THE REAL WORLD.

I heard recently, and laughed when I heard it, that the Chinese built some kind of mockup of Taiwanese defenses and then they attacked it. Hehehehe.

So you get people rushing off and saying "The Chinese are getting ready to attack Taiwan".

No! The Chinese are too AFRAID to attack the real thing because they will get their butts handed to them on a plate. I’ve warned before that the Chinese will not invade Taiwan because a seaborne invasion is a very difficult thing. If Putin has had a bad hair day by losing several thousand dead Russians, it’s nothing compared to what could happen to the Chinese. The Chinese could lose HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TROOPS in a very short period of time.

That’s why the Chinese do all kinds of practising and manovring and posturing because they won’t DARE TRY THIS IN THE REAL WORLD. You’ll see a bigger disaster there than in Ukraine. A disaster 10x the scale of Ukraine!

The Chinese Army and navy exist for one purpose: As ACTORS and little else.

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