911: Israel & Nukes activated to force US Military to Go along with the show?


[I'm not going to mention the source for this, but I know this guy and have spoken to him in the past and even met him personally when I was in the USA. He wrote this comment, and I'll ask him if he has more to say on this, but he was lecturing military/intelligence people at the time of 911. I will tell you that I get the creeps when I hear of all the "Israeli companies" that have access to US Military/Intelligence stuff. It's horrific. You can never trust a bloody Jew.  Jan]

He wrote this:

Before I got "blacklisted" one of the "Conspiracy Theories" I would hear from some of my students was that on 911 every nuclear silo in the US was activated with launch codes loaded . . . the BIGGEST GUN TO THE HEAD in History . . which forced the Military to "Stand Down" and go along with (((The Show))) . . interesting that that has all but disappeared from the 911 Truth Community .. . Interesting that an Israeli "Security Firm" provides security to so many of our Nuclear Installations.

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