9 million of 16 million Jews are scamming Germans over the fake Holocaust!


According to my Japanese pal, 9 million of the world’s 16 million Jews are still collecting “reparations” because the benefits have been extended to children and dependents born to the “survivors” even those born AFTER WW2! Apparently they get $35,000 for signing up with $2,000 per month for LIFE & free medical.

But for those who don’t know, the OFFICIAL Jewish definition of Holocaust is ANY territory that Germany occupied during WW2. Thus if Germans controlled a town for a single day … then any Jew who lived in that town is a “holocaust survivor”. I’m not kidding. That’s why there are so many “holocaust survivors”.

But I suspect, knowing how the Jew scum work, that many who never were in any occupied German territory are probably claiming as well. The holocaust is a huge huge global Jewish scam. But the Jews have SO MANY global scams running.

The bottom line is that these people have been fleecing Germany in more ways than you can believe since the end of WW2. Germany has even given Israel free submarines and military equipment. The Jewish scamming just never ends. I also read that large numbers of Jews are now leaving Israel to live in Berlin! It seems that the Jews don’t like working or fighting the Muslims so they need to go to Germany where they can parasite off the Germans again.

South Africans told me how Jews even here in South Africa, in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, were lining up monthly to receive their holocaust survivor checks every month!

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