7 Photos: Color photos from 104 years ago – UK


[I was unaware that there was some color photography already in existence 104 years ago – well at least that’s what this website says. These photos are great. Look at the last photo which shows the same building 104 years ago!! Jan]

She is wearing a woman’s bathing suit proper for that time.

Her mother, Daisy, in the center. Christina’s sister on the right. Her sister Anne had two children, one who died at age 15.
Christina’s sister Anne on a horse outside their home. Captioned, ‘Anne on Victor with a Chelsea Pensioner, Edwyn and Daisy outside 6 Chelsea Embankment, 1913’. That’s her father and mother in the doorway. See below for a picture of this location today. Other than cars parked out front, it hasn’t changed a bit.

Click here to read the story & see the rest of the pics

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