6 Pics: When Jewish Communists murdered millions of Whites by Starvation: Holodomor

[Let's take a tiny look at the time when Jewish scumbag communists deliberately starved millions of whites in the Ukraine to death.

This was a REAL GENOCIDE, unlike the Jewish crap that passes for the stupid Holocaust that they are always blaming that fine white man, Adolf Hitler for.
Let's look at a few photos from the nightmare of JEWISH COMMUNISM in Russia. Jan]

You can about it here and see 27 photos from the nightmare that Jews unleashed upon good white people: https://allthatsinteresting.com/holodomor-ukranian-famine#26

FOR THE RECORD, the Jewish owned NEW YORK TIMES, published stories saying that this mass famine of whites WAS NOT REAL! Yes, Jews lying to cover for other Jewish scum.

In the photos: You see a starving white woman and child. The whites on the train are trying to flee their deliberate starvation by the Jewish communists. The people on the side walk, died from starvation…. All the carts taking food away: A “Red Train” of carts is sent out by the Soviet government to take food away from the Ukrainian people. Oleksiyivka, Ukraine. 1932. … So the white people are STARVING… and the Jewish communists still TAKE FOOD AWAY!!!!

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