128 Photos: BRWR03: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!!


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[NB: NB: I’ve updated this page which originally contained 53 pics. When I inserted the photos I lost my place so the new and old ones are now mixed together. My apologies. Oh boy, you’ll see how naughty the whites were! Even displaying the old Apartheid flag! Whites were showing the Govt the finger!

NB: NB: One of my supporters reported that Facebook is removing all videos and photos of this awesome white protest against Farm Murders. I’m wondering if the SA Govt is asking them to do this. The point is that we whites must have really embarrassed our dog shit useless Govt composed of liars, fools and assorted garbage.

NB: NB: I am very suspicious of an “accident” that happened. I listened to audio of an eye witness. I’m convinced they tried to murder whites by having a truck deliberately drive into them. But more on this later tomorrow.

Today is unbelievable. It will go down in South African history. This is the day the Whites Protested!

Its 8:00am here and I’m going to begin by posting the photos that I’ve received so far. They’re pouring in from all over. According to one contact of mine he got 288 photos this morning! These are from protests by whites all across South Africa!

These photos are from all over South Africa.

I got 2 photos from Bronkhorstspruit a tiny town near Pretoria. But the R59 has got masses of whites. The whites blocked the road. Zambezi, a major road in Pretoria has been blocked by whites.

I’m trying to post fast so I’m not sorting things in any particular order. But here are some of the accompanying notes I received:-

o #ProtestAction on the R59 north as you get out of Vereeniging #AVOi
o Famers blocking the r59 – They blocked the highway completely – no traffic can move.
o StopFarmMurders……it’s happening right here @ R59 and M61 bridge
o 20171030 07h25 ~ GP – Vermy N1 en Zambezi weg. Situasie tens en verkeer erg vertraag. Voertuie maak u-draaie van N1S terug na N1N toe.
o The above note is about the Zambesi drive and the N1N and N1S being blocked
o In some photos the farmers are bringing in their tractors!

NB: In one place there is a convoy of whites over 1Km long! The one radio station here says that it looks as if its a success across the country.

This is coming through across South Africa. I’m listening to Afrikaans radio and the whites, especially the Boere are doing it.

IMPORTANT NEWS: SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) – run by the Govt/blacks has not shown ANY OF THIS ON TV! I just heard that! Nothing! The blacks are seeing NONE of this!

Also one of my followers told me ALL the whites at his work are wearing black shirts. That was the goal of today to wear a Black shirt to show that you stand by the farmers! So even being able to do that – that is a big thing.

I also heard that this was organised in 3 days and South Africans in other parts of the world are taking part!!

All I will say is this: Today is the best day of my 36 years in South Africa! I’ve never seen anything like this. I hope it is the beginning of awesome things to come!! Jan]

There were even whites outside South Africa who protested along with the whites of South Africa! It was an AWESOME DAY for white people! We rocked!!

I just thought I’d add this awesome meme about Diversity – to remind whites that our entire race as a whole is under World-wide attack! So remember how important it is to see to it that the WHITE CHILDREN HAVE A FUTURE!!

How awesome is this? This is in the north of South Africa! There were protests from Cape Town in the South right through South Africa! The whites rocked!

VSA is Afrikaans for USA – This is one of several Boers who work in the USA and they did their bit to try and save lives in South Africa!
What are these 2 naughty white women up to? Is that the Apartheid flag of White South Africa when Boers ruled? Hmmm….
My goodness! Yes it is! Oh boy! The ANC Govt is going to be spitting blood over this!!! Its great seeing the naughty, happy white people!

It seems in Oklahoma that some Boers are showing not only the Apartheid flag but also the Vierkleur (Four Colours) – That was the flag of the Boer Republic that Jewish Britain destroyed just over 100 years ago! The Vierkleur means a lot to us because it was the only time when we were truly free!! (Psssst… we’re all dreaming of getting the Vierkleur back!).
Take a look at this awesome pic. This is from Stellenbosch in the Cape. Look at how many whites were protesting there!
Here are farmers coming with their tractors from Henley to Johannesburg
I have to show you this photo. This comes from a contact in Pretoria. Look at how the whites shut down Zambezi Street a major road in Pretoria.
In this photo you see BLACKS standing by Whites who are against the Farm murders!

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