4th of July Message to Americans: Free to Think – Willis Carto


[This is from the late Willis Carto's wife. He was the guy who started and ran The Barnes Review. Jan]

To all Friends of Willis Carto July 4, 2020

Free to Think

Within the next 6 years the United States will have to decide if there will be a celebration for the Sestercentennial of the birth of this great country. Watching present lawlessness and mayhem in many cities across our country leaves one doubtful. Cultural Communism has taken over our educational systems, starting with little ones in kindergarten. It is not always apparent to the general public that the present destruction and violence had been planned and nurtured over the last 50 years. The media does not identify the various groups bend on destruction by names and backgrounds , no one knows who they are. Where are the parents of the young people destroying towns and yes, even killing other citizens? The government agencies set up to protect us all don’t give us information. I only know of one newspaper that even has tried to investigate the history of movements behind the hatred directed at white and black citizens. The Epoch Times, published in New York is a very committed anti-communist paper, possibly backed by Taiwan. That country is next in line to be taken over by Red China. Honkong is now under serious pressure. The Epoch Times has been investigating the Communists, Trotskyist, North Koreans and Red Chinese- backed political movements legally operating in the US. It is truly astonishing that they are protected by US laws. One organization in Minneapolis, Democratic Socialists of American (DSA), is 600 members strong, actively supporting rioters. The Stalinist-Trotskyist Workers World Party (WWP) includes Iran. They have chapters in 15 cities across our country. A Maoist-leaning Revolutionary Communist Party is calling for an actual revolution. Another group, Party for Socialism and Revolution has chapters in in 30 states. The DSA has now 66,000 members in most states. Something calling itself Revolution Road claims to have brought in 10,000 members to the Ferguson riots of 2014. There are more groups, check the Epoch Times issue of June 4, 2020. Black Lives Matter was founded by Alicia Garza and Patricia Cullors, both committed Communists. The Epoch’s research teams are very thorough. The paper reminds me of our old SPOTLIGHT which Wills Carto published for 25 years with a circulation of 400,000 each week. Wish Willis were still with us. Presently there is no competent paper left in Washington D.C. to even resemble faintly what Willis had accomplished.

Daniel Webster’s eulogy on George Washington’s hundreds birthday is a beautiful tribute to a new nation and it’s first President. We can only hope when we have the 250-year celebration of this great nation, someone will give such an inspiring address.

If disastrous war should sweep our commerce from the ocean, another generation may renew it; if it exhaust our treasury, future industry may replenish it; if it desolate and lay waste our fields, still, under a new cultivation, they will grow green again, and ripen to future harvests. It were but a trifle even if the walls of yonder capitol were to crumble, if its lofty pillars should fall, and its gorgeous decorations be all covered by the dust of the valley. All these might be rebuilt. But who shall reconstruct the fabric of demolished government? Who shall rear again the well proportioned columns of constitutional liberty? Who shall frame together the skillful architecture which unites national sovereignty with state rights, individual security, and public prosperity? No, gentlemen, if these columns fall, they will be raised not again. Like the Coliseum and the Parthenon, they will be destined to a mournful, a melancholy immortality. Bitterer tears, however, will flow over them, than were ever shed over the monuments of Roman or Grecian art; for they will be the remnants of a more glorious edifice than Greece or Rome ever saw – the edifice of constitutional American liberty.
But, gentlemen, let us hope for better things. Let us trust in that gracious Being who has hitherto held our country as in the hollow of his hand. Let us trust to the virtue and the intelligence of the people, and to the efficacy of religious obligation. Let us trust to the influence of Washington’s example. Let us hope that that fear of Heaven which expels all other fear, and that regard to duty which transcends all other regard, may influence public men and private citizens, and lead our country still onward in her happy career. Full of these gratifying anticipations and hopes, let us look forward to the end of that century which is now commenced. A hundred years hence, other disciples of Washington will celebrate his birth, with no less of sincere admiration than we now commemorate it. When they shall meet, as we now meet, to do themselves and him that honor, so surely as they shall see the blue summits of his native mountains rise in the horizon, so surely as they shall behold the river on whose banks he lived, and on whose banks he rests, still flowing on toward the sea, so surely may they see, as we now see, the flag of the Union floating on the top of the capitol; and then, as now, may the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!
Gentlemen, I propose to “THE MEMORY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON.”
Daniel Webster Feb.22 1832

The Founders work will live forever and their beliefs and endeavors cannot be destroyed by the hordes of hell. Please click here for an uplifting item ; https://williscarto.org/articles-1/f/how-the-united-states-got-its-birth-certificate

Also, an article from the April 1966 issue of Western Destiny by Dr. Garrett Hardin

Wishing you all a peaceful, happy Fourth of July
Thank you.
Elisabeth Carto

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