4 Videos: White men & their Steam Tractors & ploughs! (USA, Scotland & Germany!)


I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of our race. You will not see anything like this in Africa! Never! Yet, these machines are more than a century old! I remain quite mesmerized by steam vehicles from over a century ago, which can still show their power! This is when the white race went beyond the horse! But don’t knock the horses and animals, because we molded them too (though breeding and training)!

The invention of the steam tractor opened up US farming and resulted in a massive economic boom. Look at the strange and tricky devices that worked for white farmers in America over a century ago.

When I was a kid in Rhodesia, I ploughed for my dad with a little 30 HP tractor. Most farmers used 65 HP tractors in Rhodesia.

Check out this 110 HP steam tractor from the USA that is over 100 years old!

In this footage from Scotland, you see another concept. Instead of the steam tractor pulling the plough directly, the tractors use a winch to pull the plough. Notice how the plough needs a freaking DRIVER!!!!

In the days before tractors had hydraulic lifts at the back, you needed human power, probably white male power, to lift up the plough shears and put them down! Still … that white teamwork was better than using horses!

This is from Germany. This isn’t steam powered, but its pretty weird. The tractor is called a Lanz Bulldog and look at the tracks at the back. It seems to me the Germans like tracks because they have a much wetter climate, and tracks are better than wheels.

There’s quite a hectic process involved in starting this little tractor. Notice how they have to heat it up, and notice how the steering wheel also doubles as a type of “crank”. Believe it or not, but in Rhodesia, my dad had a few really old things. I recall a pickup truck that actually had a crank handle if you couldn’t start it normally. And its a damned tricky and difficult thing to do. These Germans are cranking up their tractor using the steering wheel. You’ll see them put the steering wheel back in place.

My Dad also had a really old American Case tractor in Rhodesia. The really old tractors all had the ability to power other machines using a belt. That’s what you see in this German video. You see this little tractor powering a pretty mean threshing machine and you’ll see several belts! That is how whites powered their farm implements before there was electricity on the farms. The tractor’s engine, along with a belt like that could be used to power various machines! Tractors thus doubled as mobile power plants! Typical white ingenuity!

White men and their beloved machines! These machines will help us all! Never lose faith in our technical genius!

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