4 Photos: NO SEX WE’RE NAZIS: Was Hitler was against promoting lust in men and boys? Really?

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[A reader, a man, sent this message to me regarding my post: 18 Photos: Eye candy for the boys & men: German model & athlete Alica. Do you remember the British movie from the 1970s, "No Sex we're British". It was one of the few British movies I would watch again. According to the reader below, Hitler sounds like a prude. Well, WRONG! Hitler was very normal, and as I've pointed out NAZISM is a return to Paganism, and to NATURE and NATURAL values. But the NAZIS had to accommodate the vast mass of Germans who were Christians. However, despite this, even the Christian Germans were exposed to the reality of life and nature. Just as the Romans and Greeks had no problem with the beauty of the human form, and were interested in the opposite sex, so too were the NAZIS. You can find mountains of photos and even videos where they have naked art, in art galleries, where Hitler and Goebbels and the others would go and look at it. The notion that life=death, is very much the dead Christian view of life. It is Christians who are obsessed with killing off sex. But the NAZIS, like all Whites before Christianity, saw nudity and sex as the natural procreation of life. Hitler himself had a good eye for a pretty girl, and he was originally drawn to Eva because of her attractive legs. Hitler was no prude. Those men were very normal. Don't confuse Christian values with the life-giving, natural values of pre-Christian Whites. I will post a link to a video where you can watch a musical from 1939, where the gorgeous German ladies show their talent and their female assets off. Europeans are not prudes. It is Christian values that kill the will to live. Nietzsche referred to Christians as the Preachers of Death. Christianity has a tremendous obsession with DEATH. It's not healthy. But I do understand in marriage you want fidelity, etc. I understand that. Whites had that in Pagan times as well. Jan]

This was the message that was sent to me:-

You should know that Hitler would greatly disapprove of promoting lust among boys, and even men. and that enslaving goyim men and boys to lust and sexualizing and objectifying women and girls is part of the Jewish strategy for social and political control. E Michael Jones wrote a book on it: Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control.

Let me show you some NAZI nudes.

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