3 Videos: Incredible: Germany’s first High Speed Train in 1929!!! – Propeller Driven: 150 Km/hr


[I was looking through old photos when I came across this most fascinating experimental train. Only one was ever built and it had 40 passengers. It was basically a "Railway Zeppelin" invented by a German engineer. It used a propeller to drive it and on its first runs it was doing 94 mph or 150 km/hr. Can you believe that in South Africa we have a "high speed train" that cost tens of billions of rands to build, and it goes slower than this German invention from 1929!!! I never cease to be amazed at what our race has invented in Europe, especially in Germany. Here are some lovely short videos of this amazing train. A lovely idea. And the fuel it used was cheap to run. But imagine that … a propeller driven train! In some of the projections they expected it to do 200 Km/hr!!!! Jan]

Here are some videos:


In the video below it was in "skeletal form" you could say:

Propellertriebwagen Kruckenberg Schienenzeppelin (1930) Part 1


Propellertriebwagen Kruckenberg Schienenzeppelin (1930) Part 2


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