3 Pics: Amazing Science: The most distant landing in space was made by a European Space probe

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The most distant landing ever made, to date by a space probe was when the Huygens space craft landed on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan. This craft is quite incredible. The distance to Saturn is enormous compared to say Mars. Furthermore the temperatures there and the entire physics of Titan is very different to that of our Moon or even Mars. The temperatures are incredibly cold. Titan is a really big moon, and it has an atmosphere. The entire operation took things to whole new levels. Yet, this little space craft, built by Europeans performed perfectly, and gave us the first surface photos of any object beyond the orbit of Mars.

This is what the tiny little Huygens spacecraft looked like:

This composite photo was put together from the photos taken by Huygens as it descended slowly by parachute and drifted down to the surface of Titan:

And here is a photo of the actual surface of this incredibly distant, icy cold world:-

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