3 Charts: How strong is BRICS really? – What is the future of BRICS? (South Africa is a member)

[Some take-aways from this:-
1. The primary power in BRICs is actually China. I will explain later why I don’t take China too seriously.
2. Russia’s economy is amazingly small.
3. Brazil has a bigger economy than Russia. Something else I’ve been coming across is that Whites moving to Brazil might be playing an unacknowledged role in making Brazil stronger. There are a LOT of whites in southern Brazil.
4. South Africa is so tiny it hardly features.
5. India’s size is quite amazing. But like with China I don’t take India too seriously.
6. I do have respect for Russian military strength. Russia is the whitest of this group of nations.
7. Russia and China have been allies since China fell to communism. Both Russia and China are always aligned against the West.

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