2nd Anglo-Boer War: Did the Boers, or the British have Concentration camps? – Despicable British

[Someone sent me this issue below. Jan]

here is a link and comment i wrote on zerohedge in response to someone elses commentry.

scott might want to include this to show the ignorance the world has about white history in southern africa, the commenter claiming boers had concentration camps. if he scrolls down to the comment section he will see the ignorance. I think he will get fired up reading some of the comments on the boers.


This was my reply:-

You are dead right, the Boers did not have any concentration camps.

Only the British did. The Boers were not always on the run. For the first 6 months of the war, the Boers fought the British in a conventional war, army to army. But when they retreated and lost the conventional war, that is when they went guerilla. A lot of the Boers also surrendered. So people mostly remember the guerilla phase.

You are right that the Boers had no standing army, except for their artillery. That was the only professional part of their army that they had, and it used German artillery and was led by an officer from Germany.

It took an insane number of troops to crush the Boers though.

If Whites in Africa, during our more recent wars, had treated the Blacks the way the British treated the Boers, there would have been a worldwide outcry. The behaviour of the British was despicable. It won the Boers sympathy in Europe. The British are a very despicable nation. After WW2 they sent Cossacks (Whites from Russia) to their deaths in the Soviet Union. That was another very low point in British history. Britain is a truly despicable country, when you study their history closely, especially of the last 300 years. Britain has done the most immoral and insane things you can imagine. Consider for example The Opium Wars! A particular point I’ve looked at many times, is the British treatment of Napoleon. The British very likely poisoned him. The British and what they did to the Germans …!!! The list goes on. I know of no Western nation that treats other Whites as badly as the British treat other Whites.

The British are the last who can lecture anyone about morals and standards because theirs is the lowest in the history of the Western world.

The Boers on the other hand were well known for their good treatment even of the very British soldiers and officers who had been sent to kill them.

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