2020 Election: Similarities between Zimbabwean elections: Biden vs Trump & Mugabe vs MDC


The way this US election started out, with Trump leading and with everything looking "normal" according to what we know on the ground, and then, during the counting, it later just goes totally skew, is actually somewhat similar to the Zimbabwean elections whenever I followed them.

The MDC, Mugabe’s opposition, would draw huge crowds of blacks. Everyone is certain the MDC is going to win. The first election results come in and the MDC is winning everywhere … and then as the counting goes on, it starts to change. Little by little, very slowly, (not suddenly like happened with Trump), the results coming in change. Now here in Africa the counting can take weeks … even with computers … and you have to wonder why. I concluded that our elections, with much smaller numbers of voters, which still take SEVERAL WEEKS (more than a month even), were slowed down because they are being rigged. This is not like the USA or Germany where you can get a result in a few hours. However, the USA is transforming itself into Zimbabwe. Anyway, in Zimbabwean elections the MDC starts out great and the ruling party is far behind, but as the counting goes on for days and weeks on end, by the time it’s over, the Ruling party just manages to pip them at the post.

I concluded, from my own software experience, that they must have a computer algorithm whereby they look at the actual votes and then it calculates, slowly and carefully, how much the results must be changed so that by the end of it, the ruling party just barely wins! But it wins EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL regardless of how popular the opposition was.

In South Africa I also have wondered how much rigging has gone on in the past.

I watched this type of pattern EVERY TIME with regard to Zimbabwe elections and I concluded that it was totally rigged.

In the US they seem more dynamic in their methods of stealing the elections. But there are definitely African similarities!

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