2016: Zimbabwe: 700,000 cattle died in 2 years (national herd drops by 11.7%)

[I found this story from Zimbabwe in 2016. This is long after the land seizures from the whites. Most of the land was seized in 2000-2010. But even in 2016, things are going wrong. The blacks were blaming the problems on the El Nino, which I doubt. If we whites were bold bullshitters like the Jews, we could have claimed that our God is punishing the blacks. Either way, they’re getting what they deserved. They deserved worse actually – death in fact. I just frankly don’t care. I just laugh.

As best I could establish these photos seem to be from Zimbabwe. I’m not 100% sure. Jan]

You can read the article on AfricanCrisis: https://wp.me/p9tDcf-NN

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