2010: White Zimbabwean warns White South Africans: Black people want us OUT… I have no hope, we Whites ar e too stupid…


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S.Africa: White Genocide: A Zimbabwean friend tells me: Jan, the Black people want us OUT… I have no hope, we Whites are too stupid…

Original Post Date: 2010-04-05 Time: 21:00:02 Posted By: Jan

A friend of mine with an “interesting” background in covert ops in his younger days wrote this to me:-

THEY WANT US OUT – but we seem to dance to their tune and act and behave precisely the way they want us to. I’m not optimistic, I just don’t have much confidence left in my own kind. We are stupid!

What he writes is true. But I also think it needs to be qualified:-
(a) The blacks who want us out the most are those on the Far Left of the political spectrum. This includes the ruling party in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
(b) The admission that we “dance to their tune and act and behave precisely the way they want us to” is a very important point to note, and I do not question this.

My optimism is based on history. But history is not completely on our side. In the short term, EVERYTHING is against us.

Ian Smith used to say that Rhodesia must make a stand like the Greeks did against the Persians. He knew in a fatalistic way that despite our best efforts we would lose.

What my friend is hinting at are serious issues, and I do not have the time to analyse and answer it in detail.

What I must touch on, briefly, is the black strategy. I have promised to revisit this and I will be a few days late with my analysis, but we need to discuss the ANC’s Long Term plan for racial strife here in South Africa.

In order to understand politics properly, one has to understand the various strange bedfellows and overt and covert symbiotic relationships which exist between different groups.

The ANC itself was brought to power with the assistance of the CIA. For more read this excellent analysis by Dr Richard Cummings (ex-CIA): Original Article: How the CIA defeated Apartheid & placed the ANC in power

The CIA and the Western world, especially the USA struck a deal with the ANC and the former Apartheid Govt. South Africa is far more important to the West than Zimbabwe/Rhodesia ever was. And the West was not keen on seeing Communism flourishing in South Africa.

However, now that the USA has elected a Marxist/Socialist black President in the form of Obama, who himself has a lot of covert plans for America (for more on our analysis of Obama see my website, AmericanCrisis: http://www.americancrisis.us/Home.php– things get interesting.

If a black Marxist (masquerading as a “Liberal”) is running America, does he really care if South Africa goes more to the left? If he fails to condemn the genocides in Zimbabwe… will he care if white “racists” are murdered in South Africa? Most likely not.

So yeah, a lot of things stand against us.

What history does show is that in straight fights, whites in Africa have more than held their own even against incredible odds. Whites have a tendency in Africa to win all the battles and lose the war. The West itself repeats this same tendency much of the time.

There are times in history when people have made tremendous stands which seemed to be futile, and yet, later in history when people looked back, it maybe wasn’t so futile after all. The Jewish stand against the Romans ended in the slaughter of Jews, but there are historians who say that the ability of the Jews to defeat many Roman legions led to the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.

The spirited stand of the Boers against the whole British Empire during the Anglo-Boer war of 1900-1902 is another example. I know people who have said that the Boer stand was the precursor to the collapse of the British Empire and the later rebellions by other tribes in the British Empire.

The French under Napoleon, lost the war; but later, all of Europe completely changed as a result of the values they spread during their wars. In less than 40 years after Napoleon’s defeat, Europe was wracked by many revolutions which changed its face completely. Napoleon lost the war… during his lifetime… but in the end… they really did win and Europe was NEVER the same again. And all those monarchies that tried to stop an idea, were smashed by their own people. This is a momentous lesson.

There is a serious clash of interests between whites inside Africa and whites in the West. Essentially we share the same values and should be on the same side. Where we differ is HOW to go about things here in Africa.

It is my view that history will prove, CONCLUSIVELY, that leaders like Ian Smith and PW Botha were completely correct in many of their analyses. The things whites warned against, did come true, and more will come true.

What history does show though, is that for any people or group to survive, you have to be determined and you have to be willing to pull out all the stops.

If you will analyse the Afrikaner, then the Afrikaner is a strange creature. The Afrikaner is a European who left Europe because he was different and he was willing to risk all in a far off land. The Afrikaner was the same religious misfit that half the people on the May Flower were who went to America and founded that great country. The Afrikaner left Europe. When the British took control of his life again in the Cape, he once more set off to find his freedom. He won, he lost, but he struggled on.

The Afrikaners probably founded more small countries than anyone else. I can’t remember the full total – but it is about 5 or 6 I think. In the end, we remember the 2 that lasted the longest: The Orange Free State and the Transvaal.

The Afrikaner is looked on by many as a great fighter because of his reputation from the Anglo-Boer war, but this is in fact an incorrect assessment of the Afrikaner. Afrikaners, by default are actually a very peaceful people not keen on war. MOST Afrikaners lived in British controlled territory during the Anglo-Boer war. And they never fought. Then there were those in their own territory… and they did fight, for 6 months, before their conventional warfare methods collapsed under British onslaught.

The people we remember are the FEW, the handful who became legends: De La Rey; (now I forget one of my favourite Generals, the one who wrote “The Three Years War”) and Smuts. These Afrikaners were the ones who became legends and symbolised the Afrikaner. They fought on and on despite DEFEAT. They fought until there was nothing left to fight for. These are the ones who passed into legend and whom the world remember.

It is not the many who are remembered… it is the FEW.

Then there is the other analysis… the Afrikaners who would not accept defeat even after they were defeated. The British forced the 2 Republics into a larger country… and what did these Afrikaners do? They started a secret organisation, the Broederbond, and in less than 50 years after their utter DEFEAT… they seized control of South Africa in 1948 and created the system of Apartheid. If they could not rule their 2 Republics, then they would rule something EVEN BIGGER. They now even ruled over the former British colonies of Natal and the Cape. These were the Bitter Einders – “Bitter Enders” is a literal translation.

What history really teaches, if you dig deep enough into it, is this:-

a) History is conservative. History teaches you to stick to your own “nation”. (And “Nation” and “tribe” to me are synonyms). History teaches that you automatically flock to your own kind and despite your inner struggles, this is where you are happiest. Essentially: Birds of a Feather flock together.

b) History teaches that it is not the many who change history, but the few.

c) History teaches us that DETERMINATION is the most valuable characteristic of all.

d) History also shows us that, losing is not always losing. That even death itself, does not necessarily mean you lost or that your cause will fail.

The Rhodesians, a tiny subset of whites, 250,000 versus the 3.5 million Afrikaners, also made their stand against Britain in 1965.

We whites in Africa need to make a choice for ourselves. We need to decide:-

(a) Do we still belong to Europe where we came from? (Most of us don’t believe so).

(b) Are we a “valid tribe?”

If we believe that we do NOT belong in Europe (which most of us believe), and if we believe we ARE A TRIBE, whether that tribe be “Afrikaner” or “South African” or “Rhodesian”, then we must do one thing: We must set about using every means we have to fight for a future for ourselves. If we truly believe we will be happiest in Africa and that Africa is the place we want to carve a niche for ourselves then we must set about this with a solid determination – even if that determination means DEATH for us personally.

It is not up to our enemies and fair-weather-friends to tell us what is right and what is wrong and what we can and cannot do. Sure, they have legal and military power over us – TODAY – but they do not OWN OUR SOULS… and if we wish to REJECT their views then we have a right to.

Just because the British and the Americans have no stomach to back us in our struggle in Africa does not mean we must give up.

In history, if you try to fight at the wrong time, you can end up with a situation of total genocide on your hands. If you are too weak and defenceless, a stronger enemy can kill you and annihilate your loved ones. The Afrikaners experienced this with the Boer war when the British burned their farms and threw their women and children into concentration camps. This is what happens when you’ve lost your ability to confront and defend yourself against your enemy in a conventional war.

But, there are many ways to fight, and not all of them involve the gun. You can fight with your mind too… with ideas and words… You can fight with politics, you can fight with religion.

The Bitter Einders achieved their greatest successes by giving up their firearms and using other means and other advantages. I know, from my mother and other older members of my family that a time existed in this country when an AFRIKANER was blocked out of business and promotions in many areas by the ENGLISH/BRITISH WHITES in this country. People forget that the Afrikaner once was oppressed by the English-speaking white too! We forget that. That is also in their history.

But the Bitter Einders never let these things get them down. They created almost all the modern parastatals that the ANC trashes and runs into the ground. Lots of the large parastatals of today were created by the Afrikaners in the 1930s. Today, 80 years later the ANC runs them into the ground.

What makes Mugabe win is that Mugabe has discovered the Achilles heel in the way the West works. Mugabe discovered that if you pretend to be Liberal, feed the West certain window dressing, while you murder people and intimidate people when nobody is looking, you can wage a war, while pretending not to be at war. All the time, you use the language of Liberalism and peace, while murdering your opponents and using terror and pretending it is all an incidental accident.

The ANC learned this same strategy and has successfully murdered over 3,000 white farmers in South Africa in the last 16 years. Truly the murder of white farmers is the ANC’s greatest military achievement of all time. Just as they murdered Eugene Terreblanche, so too did they murder 3,000 whites before him, and they may yet murder another 3,000 after him.

They play a very clever game… and I tip my hat to them. Mugabe, truly is a very clever black man and he discovered the weaknesses of the West and how to slip and slide along and pretend to be a Black Liberal when in fact he is a Black Racist Communist.

And the ANC love him. The ANC are amazed by this Black God who knows how to murder white people and who knows how to play and hold at bay enormous white super-powers who could crush him under their feet in a week if they wished. He plays a bold and daring game for a black man and he plays it well. The ANC love him and they look up to him in AWE. Mbeki was awed by him, Zuma was awed and his latest student is Julius Malema.

We whites in Africa are stupid because we have not done what Mugabe did. We have not learned the tricks of surviving in a world where we are minor players and where there are massive players out there.

We need to be like those Broederbonders, those Bitter Einders… we need to sit back and use our minds, and our determination and prepare for ourselves several strategies which we are willing to fight with over the next 100 years if need be. We must “go to war” with our minds, and find ways of changing our situation.

Running around aimlessly with a gun is a dumb thing to do. Violence is not a place for fools. There is a time to talk and a time to fight. The true genius lies in knowing what to do, when, and how. When should you fight a small battle? When should you fight a big battle? When should you talk? How should you talk? And who should you talk to?

I think, we Whites must forget getting support from Whites elsewhere. They have forsaken us. We will not get their political support. But we can make friends in many places… among whites and among non-whites.

The future is rich with possibilities, if we are prepared to fight for ourselves for the next 100 years. I think we are in many ways immature, especially those of us from Rhodesia where we were a truly small group. Even we Rhodesians are a valid tribe and we should not foresake our “Rhodesian-ness”. We must wear it like a badge, and revisit the “Rhodesian tribe”. The Afrikaner in that sense is more advanced. He is a tribe and he knows it and he wants to be it again.

If the blacks can fight for decades… so can we.

If the Muslims can fight for a thousand years.. why can’t we?

The price of freedom is a dear one. Many have died for it and never tasted it. So maybe we too need to learn how important this thing is and why one needs to fight so hard for it. Maybe we will become mature if we try hard enough.

Look at history. It is NOT the many who changed history… IT IS THE FEW. It is always the few, because most give up soon. It is only a handful who can fight for 30 years non-stop.

The final lesson we must learn is this: Whenever we are in trouble we must stick together at all costs. We must stick together then, as never before. We must fight back-to-back with determination and spirit.

The blacks beat us… only after the whole world either felt sorry for them or felt that through them, they could get access to Africa’s raw materials. It took the ANC several decades, despite the backing of the Soviet Union, to come to power. It eventually took the Soviet Union AND America AND all of Europe to bring the ANC to power.

The ANC are born losers. They needed almost everyone on planet earth behind them before they could “defeat” 5 million whites. Its really a pathetic achievement.

Mugabe needed the backing of Communist China, and Nkomo the backing of the Soviet Union – even then it took 14 years before 250,000 whites were defeated.

Its a sucking achievement.

The big Achilles heel for us whites was our reliance on the West and on America. They were the weakest link in our chain, always ready to strike a deal with any terrorist or dictator that comes along.

What Whites in Africa forget is this: By ourselves, despite our weakness, we achieved amazing things. Rhodesian history is full of the most amazing things in those 14 years. South African history is full of even more stunning and incredible things during the rule of the Afrikaners. We have an inherent talent. We have ability. We have proved that we are not damp squibs. We have shown that even if the ENTIRE PLANET is against us, we can still manage to live. How many tiny nations do you know of who put up the spirited resistance we did? Not many in ALL of history…

I think we have a right to be proud, and we must sit back, and look very critically at our ideas and methods. We need to upgrade our tactics and strategies to match the BIZARRE QUIRKS OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

We need to learn to out-play the Mugabe’s and the Zuma’s… in their games. The game is not decided just by force of arms any more. What we do know, is that if forced into such a situation, we can do pretty well for ourselves as our entire historical situation proves. We just need to become more political. We need to think in other ways and learn some new tricks.

When the brilliant Afrikaner General De La Rey fought the British, he used modern weapons and his cunningly analytical mind and he thrashed them. But in 1914, when he fought again, his methods were outmoded and he admitted that the motor vehicle now defeated the horse.

We need to think new thoughts and have new ideas. We need to merge politics and war the way Mugabe does it. We need to learn from this black man who has given us a good run for our money. Study his tactics, see what he does well, and what we can do better. Do we need to stoop to torture and terrorism? I don’t see a reason to. But I think there is value in opening our eyes and playing some games.

We need to also be BOLDER. We need to push the envelope a bit more. Do things in a way that if they don’t work out, we can just pull back. Mugabe and the ANC do that all the time.

Watch them. Watch their strategies, their games. Watch also their use of songs and the sending of “secret messages” openly to their people via the Mass Media. Learn, learn, learn.

Rule No 1 of warfare: Know your enemy.

And here’s my rule No 2: Then fight him for the next 1,000 years.

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=73268

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