2009: Jewish Journalism or LYING in Norway? – Jew quotes a nonexistent person!?


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While digging into Jews and Jewish hoaxes and Jewish lying, it seems to me that Jews may have been at work. It is interesting how Jews and “controversy” go together. My assessment is that “controversy” gets into the Jewish lives because the Jews INVENT (i.e. make up lies) whenever is is needed to suit their purpose. The Jew in question is this guy: Haviv Rettig Gur.

Here’s the “controversy” from 2009:


In March, 2009, Gur was contacted by a man claiming to be “David Weiss, captain in the Norwegian military”. Weiss was quoted in a news story written by Gur in which Norwegian Jews said[6] they experienced tensions related to their Jewishness, mostly from Muslim immigrants and anti-Israel discourse in the media.

Contrary to the claims of some Norwegian journalists, Gur did not accuse Norwegian Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen of chanting “Death to Jews” in a demonstration. His story was correcting a previous, inaccurate report written by another journalist that seemed to suggest this.

In response to Norwegian journalists’ inquiries, the Norwegian military claimed that no “Captain David Weiss” existed in its ranks, a claim that led the political editor of the major Norwegian daily AftenpostenHarald Stanghelle, to accuse[7]the military of a cover-up of Weiss’ identity.

The next day, on April 5, 2009, the rival daily Dagbladet confirmed[8] that “David Weiss” was the faked identity of a 45-year-old Oslo resident who had never served in the military. According to Dagbladet, he had fooled The Jerusalem Post, the BBC and several major Norwegian papers.

Gur’s version of the events is related here.

The above is from wikipedia. I did not dig much more, and there is a looooong article by the Jew “explaining” events – which itself is most likely more Jewish lying and twisting to cover up the original lie. Perhaps we have Norwegians who know more about this topic. The entire thing seems fishy, and to me its as if the Jew invented someone who did not exist or the Norwegian military was covering something up. My suspicion is that its much more likely that the Jew was the one inventing whatever he needed. Here is the URL on Wikipedia where I found this story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haviv_Rettig_Gur#David_Weiss

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