2003: Israel-loving, Jew-loving General Colin Powell encouraging war on fake WMD claims


[Here is a short video from 2003, from General Colin Powell, who dropped dead yesterday from COVID even though he had been vaccinated. He won't be missed. I never quite knew what to make of him when he was alive and very prominent. But there were things about him I did not like but I could not put my finger on it. I also thought he was over-marketed. And sure enough it turns out he was a BIG JEWISH ASSET. Here is where he basically says that Saddam Hussein must be crushed because of what dangers he apparently poses to the world … (In reality, only to Israel). I was fooled like everyone else about the WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction story). The WMD lay at the heart and soul of the argument to invade and crush Iraq. However, they never found any WMD, or very little. I would go even further, would WMD even be a valid reason to attack Iraq? After all, those attacking Iraq had their own stock of WMD in all forms (chemical, biological and nuclear) which exceeded that of Iraq a million-fold. It was rather hypocritical to attack Iraq on that basis. And it did not form a threat to any major nation, least of all to the West. But the Jew-run West, ran off quickly to kill anyone whom the Jews wanted killed. Jan]


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