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Original Post Date: 2002-08-25 Published on: ETHERZONE.COM Posted By: Jan

I grew up in Rhodesia (which later became “The Zimbabwe Ruins”), and that gives me a perspective
on life which is pretty alien to people in the Western world. The Rhodesia of the 1970’s was very
similar to Britain in 1941 at the height of the Battle of Britain. I have heard people remark that
Rhodesians were “more British than the British”, and I can vouch for that. I was there, and it was
an experience which will remain with me all my life. Indeed, looking back, I am glad I was there.

Let me try to describe what Rhodesians then were like. Rhodesia was declared by the stupid UN
(dominated by communists and assorted trash) to be “a threat to world peace”. How 250,000 white
people living in Africa could be a “threat to world peace” I do not know. I suspect it was
just communist-speak meaning that if the Western world had the balls to stand by us, that the entire
Soviet Bloc would throw in their lot against us. We were under comprehensive world sanctions meaning
we could not buy anything or sell anything to anyone. We could not buy oil, weapons, cars – nothing.
We could not sell our beef (Rhodesia had one of the finest beef herds back then – a far cry from
the Zimbabwe Ruins of today). Rhodesia was under constant attack and pressure from everywhere.

The thing I remember the most about Rhodesia, and cherish the most, was the UNITY of the people.
We whites were absolutely determined to resist the British handover to Marxists like Mugabe and
Nkomo. We kept saying we would hand over power to “responsible government” – which meant:
NO MARXISTS and NO SOCIALISTS! That was really the main thing we wanted. In the end, we did not
get even that – we got our worst nightmare – Robert Mugabe.

I remember the day Mugabe won. A lot of us were sitting in a room, anxiously waiting the outcome
of these elections. We had previously installed a black Prime Minister, Bishop Muzorewa, who
was pro-West, but that never satisfied the commies. So we had to hold a new election, one where
Mugabe cheated. He kept his army in the field (instead of letting them lay down their arms like
everyone else was doing). Then he sent word to the blacks: “If I lose, the war continues.” The
blacks were war-weary, and so they voted him in. He got something like 90% of the vote back then.
I was sitting in a room, and we were waiting for these election results. When Mugabe won, a silence
fell over everyone. Nobody spoke. OUR WORST NIGHTMARE HAD JUST COME TRUE. In the next 5 years, 60%
of us would pack our bags and leave Zimbabwe. We wanted nothing to do with this crettin. Most of
us would, in the process, lose most of what we had, but we would rather not live under his rule.

In the years prior to this deadful outcome, there was a spirit which animated us. A spirit of
unity, and of determination. We looked at the rest of the world and reckoned “Up yours too mate”.
We used to mock the British – our kith and kin. We spoke of the “Toothless British Bulldog”. Britain,
in our view, had lost the will to win. We noted that our rebellion against Britain was the first
of a British colony since that of America in 1776. And like the Americans back then, we figured
the British did not know what was going on locally and were not making the best decision in the
interests of the country. Our enemies accused us of racism, but among ourselves, we honestly
discussed the future of the blacks. We considered the system we had versus what Mugabe and Nkomo
and others wanted, and we were convinced that the blacks would be worse off. We all thought
socialism was a crock, and it would not help the blacks in the long run. Instead, we were moving
forward, and we could not see them doing any better. Now, more than 20 years later, you can see
we were right. Zimbabwe NEVER matched the economic activity and growth rate of the former Rhodesia.

When I was 16 years old, I had a discussion with Eliott, who cooked for us. He was a really great
cook!! I was close to Eliott and we often chatted in a lingo developed specially here in Africa
called “Fanagalo”. Fanagalo was a mixture of english, Afrikaans and Zulu and it enabled people
who had no knowledge of each other’s languages to communicate with each other. Fanagalo worked
pretty well back then because many blacks had no working knowledge of english.
Elliot was a black man, from South Africa originally, who lived in Rhodesia. He was one of about 6
blacks who worked on my dad’s small dairy farm. I was studying economics at high school, and one
day, I sat down with Elliot, trying to explain to him that he must not believe everything he was
being told by these other black Marxists. It is almost prophetic, when I think back to it now.
I still said to Elliot that something which he regards as common, like food and bread for example,
might not always be plentiful. I explained to him that these guys would ruin the economy and prices
would go up and they, the blacks, would be poorer. He did not understand, but I tried anyway. As
events were to turn out, we were the last people to employ Elliot. In later years, we heard that
after we left the country, he never had a job ever again. That happened to many blacks.

The spirit among whites back then was one of defiance, and determination in the face of
odds which were completely impossibly stacked against us.
Whites back then had balls – completely unlike most whites in the world today.
We were the Rhodesian
Rebels and proud of it. We regarded ourselves as the only sane voices left on a continent
engulfed by madness and impractical wishful thinking. The news each day was pretty rough. Every day, on the news we would hear
communiques from the Rhodesian Army. Today there was a skirmish between government forces and
communist terrorists. X number of enemy were killed, and Y number of our troops were killed or
injured. Last night, a group of approximately 30 terrs (terrorists) attacked a farm house
with AK47’s, handgrenades and RPG7 rocket launchers. The
farmer and his son fought them off. The army was only able to go in at first light (we had
no night fighting capabilities back then) and they are in hot pursuit of the enemy. That
was how TV news was for us on most nights, year after year.

Let me describe hot pursuit for a moment. The black
terrs would start running after the attack (normally after dusk). They would run all night long.
But they would run like the bloody hell for the
nearest border. The army would have their trackers out, and a helicopter or so, and they would
follow their tracks through the African bush, all day long. The chase could sometimes last
a couple of days. All day long the Rhodesian army would be following tracks. The terrs would
back track, run over rocks, cross rivers and engage in all manner of tricks to throw us off
their spoor. Many times the Rhodesian army would finally get its revenge. Maybe hundreds of
miles from the original attack, maybe even in a foreign country, they would come to grips
with the terrorist scum and bring them back in body bags.

The Russians sent their military officers into neighbouring states and we tried to kill them.
We were proud of our defiance. We were standing up to Russia and China, and all the Marxists.
We were doing things which much bigger countries did not have the balls to do. We did not see
ourselves as the “evil oppressors” of the blacks. We saw ourselves as the Voice of Sanity in a
world which had apparently lost its backbone and its will to stand up to evil. We were
completely opposed to handing over power to people whom we believed would ruin the country.
We did not wish to repeat the errors of other African nations.

Our only friend was South Africa. Our Prime Minister was more popular in South Africa, than
the South African’s own Prime Minister. Whereever he went, Ian Smith was hailed as a hero,
and many South Africans said they wished they had a similar leader. We liked our leader. When
we were down, and times were hard, and the news was bad, he would get on TV and give a talk.
Everyone would be reenergised. We used to say that Ian Smith was the only honest politician in
the world.

At Christmastime, we had special shows for the “troopies” and everyone went to great lengths to
show their appreciation to the men who were the only thing that kept us from being enveloped in
chaos. There was a strong sense of unity, and strong sense of duty back then. People spoke about
“everyone doing their bit” to keep things running. Those were the “good old days”.

We knew our enemy, and our enemy was communism. And we did not believe the communists had ANYTHING
positive to offer either the blacks or ourselves. There were many black Police and soldiers too
who fought on our side. But eventually, the enemy propaganda, the lies, the exaggerated false
promises, and the success of terrorism and assasination of good black people led to a change
in the black mentality. Eventually, the blacks began to feel that we were “oppressors”. Early on
that had not been the case. Many blacks, especially the older ones, saw positive benefits in
the Law and Order and even the fairness of whites. Blacks used to say white people were fair.
Nowadays blacks never pay white people any compliments, but back then, when race relations were
better, things were different. But the lies changed all that.

I have often remarked to people over the years about how similar I find Apartheid South Africa
and the USA. I’m not referring to the policy of Apartheid, I am referring to the attitude of
white people in South Africa.

White Americans today exhibit the same attitude which caused white South Africans to lose their
country to a very small enemy force.

I arrived in South Africa, with no skills, two suitcases and less than $100. There is a great
cultural difference between South Africa and Rhodesia. The first thing I noticed in South Africa
was how whites were divided into two camps (something you will see in America). And the ratios
are probably almost similar. 40% of whites were liberals. Invariably they were english-speaking,
and relatively well off. Liberals in South Africa tended to be rich. The richer a person was,
the more likely that person was liberal. The conservatives tended to be Afrikaans-speaking, and
generally poorer. The conservatives also tended to be more religious in their outlook. I found
myself generally feeling, back then, that I was more at home with the Afrikaners. What I disliked
about them was their excessive emphasis on racial issues. I felt this was a sideline because
the real enemy, communism, comes in all colours.

The price of Gold was high back then, and white South Africans were rolling in the money. Here I
was, coming from a defeated nation, to a much more developed country. I marvelled at the cities,
and at the industry. I could see why South Africa was the “Super Power” of Africa. But I was
disgusted by the attitude of the whites.

I lived in Pretoria at first which is very Afrikaans and conservative. Later, for career reasons,
I moved to Johannesburg, in the hope that in the long term, I would leave South Africa. I had
no intention of staying here at all. On the plane to South Africa, I had VOWED to myself that
I would attempt to get the bloody hell out at the first opportunity. However, various events
caused me to stay. It is almost unthinkable that today I am still here because I was firmly
determined to leave. I had no interest in South Africa when I got here. The place did not interest
me in the slightest, and I did not like the attitude of either the conservatives I met, nor the
liberals. Of liberals, I was convinced from the first that these people were idiots and wishful
thinkers. Frankly, I hoped the communists would steal everything they had and I hoped they
would kill them too. Mind you, I thought the same of the whites in Zimbabwe who stayed under
Mugabe’s rule. But, now, after all these years, I find myself bitterly defending them, even though
I am totally opposed to the way in which they were instrumental in propping up his failed country.
Maybe I’ve matured a bit!!

I was poor. I had no car, I lived in the YMCA. I noticed how the wealthier South Africans loved
their wealth, and worshipped money as a God. I found Johannesburg to be a type of “Mini New York”.
Everybody was there – blacks, whites, Indians. But I disliked the attitude of the people in Johannesburg.
When I went to work for a large bank, I was aghast at how easily extremely wealthy whites would
wine and dine and even connive against the government with outright communists. They opened
secret bank accounts for them, met them outside the country and cut special deals with them, etc.
I worked in the bank, and was exposed to senior management and came to realise that they were all
liberals. In my opinion, they were all crazy. They kept pooh poohing the idea of the ANC being
a “communist threat”, and they believed what we needed was just equality and all would be well.

They mocked the government, they mocked the army. I associated with these people as little as I
possibly could. I thought they had lost their sense of reality. In later years, when the troubles
started in South Africa, I noticed that liberals, in South Africa, were the biggest cowards of
all. It was the liberals who ran at the first sign of trouble. It was the liberals who fled
en masse, and the conservatives who sat holding the baby.

It was in Johannesburg that I developed a healthy hatred for the rich. Now I’m not a communist.
I am always speaking out against communism, and I defend capitalism to the hilt. I believe in
capitalism deeply. But to this day, I am completely disgusted, to the core of my soul, with the
rich. I have yet to meet a rich person with a backbone. The rich are the biggest cowards, and the
first to sell out to the enemy. The rich are always so tied up in their love of material things
that when anyone threatens their comfort they immediately run to him and strike a deal. The rich,
will sell out their country at the drop of a hat. The rich would cut a deal with the devil if only
they can preserve their own asses.

To this day, it amazes me, that the rich, the very beneficiaries of Capitalism, the very people
elevated by this great system, are the FIRST TO BETRAY IT. I have seen this. The rich will sit
at the table with communists and deal with them. Now many people believe the rich to themselves
be communists and to want to let communism advance. However, what people miss, and this is what
I saw firsthand in Johannesburg, is that it is in the mentality of the rich as to why they
molly coddle dictators and communists. The argument is normally given that the rich own
communism, and I know all that stuff about the Jewish banker theory. But history shows that
communists came to power because Germany, in WWI, needed to destroy Russia so that Germany
did not have to fight a war on two fronts. It was the Kaiser who bankrolled the Bolsheviks,
and the German army who helped Lenin and his cronies come to power. The Russian revolution
caused the collapse of the Russian military effort against Germany. Volumes of detailed history
show this to be the fact. This is really how communism got its real foothold originally. But
in later years the Germans realised that by doing what they did, they had unleashed a new and
extremely evil force.

What I witnessed in Johannesburg was a general tendency, among anyone who had any wealth to speak
of, to then embrace the enemy. Most of the rich people here were politically liberal, and to them,
the enemy was no enemy at all. Firstly, they seemed to be ideologically blind. They could somehow
not see evil and deceit. They felt they could negotiate with Marxists.

Secondly, I am convinced that liberals generally are wishful thinkers. In their world, the sky
is always blue, and they cannot understand that people can be motivated by anything other than
money. Maybe they think that everyone can be bought and you must only find the right price. But
there is, unquestionably, something in their mentality which leads them straight down the path
of treason.

Thirdly, the mentality of a businessman is very alien to that of a military person. A military
person is always ready for confrontation, resistance and standing one’s ground. But to succeed
in business, everyone must like you. You must be sociable, you must get along with people, you
must suppress your own character in order to be what others want you to be. If you can do that,
then you can make lots of money. So it seems to me, the first inclination of any businessman,
when faced with a threat, is to want to cut a deal.

In the propaganda, and history of South Africa, people almost never give the white liberals the
“praise” due for their assistance in destroying the former order and in bringing us to the new,
loser South Africa we now have. White liberals, the rich, and even the “Super Rich” of South Africa,
like the Oppenheimers, played a massive role in bankrolling political parties, and in encouraging
a type of “Liberal Rebellion” against the former government. They had meetings with the ANC outside
the country when it was forbidden – when in fact it was an act of treason. Academics did the same.

People never give the white liberal fools of South Africa the praise they deserve for bringing us
to the rotten situation in which we find ourselves today.

The arrogant, wishful-thinking, stupid liberals pooh poohed communism, socialism, etc.

But you know what, as in Zimbabwe, it is the conservatives who will have the last laugh. Sadly,
of course, it will fall upon the conservatives to bear the final brunt of the battle. Why?
Because the liberals, being the utter cowards that they are, will of course be running like the
bloody hell when the real trouble starts and it will fall upon the poorer, but conservative folk,
to take the bullets in the chest for the stupidity of the liberals. Nevertheless, I am fully
reconciled to this.

Some weeks ago, my first article on Etherzone.com was entitled, “Liberalism will be buried in
Africa.” Let me tell you why. In Zimbabwe, you are witnessing, the liberals being arrested, and
in the end being stabbed in the back by Mugabe. With each passing day, you will hear the liberals
finally being forced, in their final moments, to actually stand up to a communist. Let it be said,
those conservatives who left, have been waging their own propaganda war against Mugabe for years,
and we were instrumental, in helping those liberals to get world sympathy. The Rhodesian network,
stretches across the world, and we keep in touch via Magazines and newsletters and e-mail, and
we used our network to help those blacks and whites trapped in Zimbabwe to get their message out.
For us, the war never ended.

Finally, me, the guy who never actually gave a shit about South Africa, is waging his
own personal war for South Africa. I have chuckled in recent years, because here too, Liberalism
is quickly being swept away. You won’t believe the about-face which the Rich in South Africa
have made in the last 8 years. South Africe will yet be the greatest monument on this planet
to the total failure of Liberalism – mark my words. Those rich who fell over their own feet
to wine and dine, and suck up to the ANC 15 years ago, have been secretly removing billions of
rands of their assets from South Africa. Many have run like crazy. It is said that almost two-thirds
of the Jewish population of South Africa has left in the past 8 years. The Jews were among the
most liberal and the wealthiest of all. They virtually owned most of South Africa – and they ran
like crazy. The socialism killed their businesses, and damaged their careers. They were wealthy
enough to get the hell out of here, and the english-speaking liberals were following hot on their
heels. Nowadays, the remainder of the wealthy upperclass whites (I’m middle class) are a whole
different kettle of fish. They are the most vocal anti-ANC group in the country. They are the ones
who bitch the most about the new Government and its socialism. Oh yeah, the socialism is biting
them, and they are not living like they used to.

In the end, the foolish liberals have yet to learn, that communists are driven by their own
ideology and their own lust for power and they only used the liberals as a tool.

But of course, I need not tell this to any conservative out there because conservatives have
been saying exactly that for the past 50 years or more. As usual, the conservatives are
DECADES ahead of the common herd.

Over the years, I have watched the many parallels between South Africa and America, and to
this day, it shocks me. America suffers from the same divisions, the same lack of understanding
of the enemy, and the same lack of patriotism (even now), that South Africa suffered from.
America, to this day, can’t tell the difference between its real friends and its real enemies.
America only half-heartedly supports Israel, and Taiwan who are reliable allies while hobnobbing
with the Chinese and Russians (America’s real enemies). Just like the South Africa of the 1980’s,
we see the rich liberal idiots rushing off to China to help build them up and cut deals with them.
The very beneficiaries of all that America stands for, are among those falling over their own feet
to work with the enemy. (Personally, I regard this kind of behaviour as an act of treason
punishable by death – but that’s just my viewpoint).

I have written before about the American Academic establishment, who are of course completely
out of touch with reality, and who are doing their level-best to destroy America.

But there is one final parallel I wish to draw, and that is the parallel between Nelson Mandela
and his ANC [African National Congress], and Bill Clinton and “his” (New?) Democrats. Nelson
Mandela is to South Africa, what Bill Clinton is to America. In both cases we have communists
who have infiltrated a political party which originally had good intentions, and they have
transformed them into an evil institution hell-bent on destroying the country.

The ANC was formed in 1912, and it was formed for a good reason, to help black people. But,
the Communist International, in 1928, decided to infiltrate and take-over all “Native political
parties” in the European empires. This was in order to foment revolution and to use the cause of “native
peoples” to destroy the European Empires. The first communist agent sent in to take over the ANC
was a black communist lawyer by the name of Nelson Mandela. It was his task to enter the ANC,
rise in its ranks, bring in his friends and slowly throw out the anti-communists. It was his task
to transform the ANC into a Communist Revolutionary party. If you will look at Bill Clinton who
is a socialist, New Communist actually (The Third way = SelfManagement Socialism), then you will
see he did the same to the Democrats. He infiltrated it, and brought in his Marxist pals, and they
turned the Democrats into a party of Neo-Communists.

I often mention the communist propensity for taking over organisations through a process of
infiltration and I am not sure if Americans truly appreciate what I am saying. This is one of
the “bread and butter” aspects of communism. The communists do this everywhere, all the time.
It can take decades to take over an organisation in a subtle manner, but they do it. Once they
have taken an organisation over in this way, the organisation then changes its stance and its
methods. In the case of the ANC, it changed from a peaceful political party working for the good
of blacks, to a Marxist revolutionary organisation. To me, it appeared as if the Democrats became
much tougher and played dirtier than ever before in their history, once the Clintons were at
the helm. The Democrats seem to have become masters at the art of “spinning” (propaganda) and it
appears to me as if the Democrats outclass the Republicans in this sphere of activity.

The USA today is standing where South Africa stood, almost 20 years ago. The only hope for America
that I can see is the rise of conservatism. Only conservatives can now save America (and consequently
the entire planet) from a total take-over by the New Communists.

I leave you with this final thought: The Worst thing a conservative can do, is to keep
quiet. That is a recipe for certain defeat.

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