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Far-right group posts fake Extinction Rebellion stickers around Bedford

The stickers have been posted by a far-right group, impersonating Extinction Rebellion

A series of stickers featuring racist and inflammatory phrases – purporting to be from Extinction Rebellion – have been spotted on lampposts along the Embankment.

The stickers feature the Extinction Rebellion logo and recognisable typeface, but were posted by a white supremacist online organisation whose followers put up stickers featuring captions like ‘it’s okay to be white’ and ‘Western civilization is white civilization’.

According to the Full Fact website, “…the sticker is not from Extinction Rebellion but appears to originate from a campaign copying its typeface and presentation.

“Similar fake posters were also reported in Brighton [in January].

“Images of this sticker and others have been posted on social media by Hundred-Handers, a group which has been accused in the past of posting white supremacist stickers around the UK.”

Fake stickers
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The Police are treating this as a Public Order offence

The group thought to be responsible for the stickers

The stickers have been posted by a far-right group, impersonating Extinction Rebellion

Members of the Bedford Extinction Rebellion group have reported the stickers to Bedfordshire Police who are treating it as a crime under section 5 of the Public Order Act.

“Extinction rebellion do not agree with the writing on these stickers,” said a spokesperson for the group.

“They were seen by a member who promptly contacted us and we contacted the police and removed them.

“These stickers were not put up by Extinction Rebellion Bedford. Extinction Rebellion sticker templates, fonts and logos are freely available online for anyone to use and in this instance it seems they have been used by a far right group promoting racist hate speech.

“They go against the very core ethos of XR which is non violent protection of ALL humanity.”

A member of the public who saw the stickers and contacted the Bedford Independent said, “There is absolutely no place in Bedford for this kind of vile propaganda.”

One of the stickers appears to show the name of the group responsible. The group’s rules dictate that there is to be “no public or private disclosure of membership,” emphasizing that the operation “relies on the anonymity of its participants.”

Anyone spotting similar stickers in the Borough is asked to report it via 101 or bedfordshire.police.uk/report

Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Source: https://www.bedfordindependent.co.uk/far-right-group-posts-fake-extinction-rebellion-stickers-around-bedford/

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