2 Pics: Doesn’t this ancient Egyptian queen look European/White/Caucasian? – Wife of Pharaoh Ramesses the Great


[Despite the scientists making her skin a bit darker, look at her face. This was a white woman. Jan]


In case you weren’t aware, Meritamun means “beloved of the god Amun.” We only know about this queen thanks to researchers from the University of Melbourne discovering her skull in their archives. Naturally, she was from ancient Egypt.


How her skull traveled across the globe is beyond anyone’s comprehension. She became a Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Ramesses the Great. Her place of burial was the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, Valley of the Queens, Egypt.

How A Queen Should Look

Researchers couldn’t find much on Meritamun mainly because all they had was her skull. Still, they managed to find some information about the former queen. It indicated that she was between 18-25 years old. Her cause of death still remains a mystery.

meritamun real Seedy Vampire/Pinterest

Something interesting they discovered was that she had a sweet tooth due to her having tooth decay. This could have possibly been from eating a lot of honey! Even queens have a vice.

Source: https://www.pastfactory.com/history/what-historical-figures-really-looked-like/28/

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