2 ILLEGAL US PRESIDENTS: Obama and Biden – Joe Biden dumb the Ole Shit bag … Now the US President …

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I can’t believe that the cheating dumb assed thief, White Trash, Joe Biden is the President of the USA. It makes me sick to my stomach. Its like when the Mixed Race faggot and drug user, the TOTALLY ILLEGAL PRESIDENT (because he was not born in the USA), Obama came to be President.

My oldest, original, most loyal supporter, a wonderful old lady, JoAn Wilcox, from Oregon, who passed away in 2012, told me: "This is NOT my President". She refused to acknowledge the dirt bag, Obama as her President, and I agreed with her.

In my time of watching US politics, which really gained momentum with the election of Reagan – I was so disgusted by the Clintons. Obama was worse, and to my mind remains the worst. I can never bring myself to regard Obama as an actual American President.

The Clintons were, and remain pure crap – the lowest of low that you can find among Whites.

Obama was an ACTUAL ILLEGAL PRESIDENT. To be a US president you must be born in the USA. Obama never was. He’s most likely born in Kenya. His records were SEALED when he became President. So it will be later revealed, officially, probably decades from now that he was an actual ILLEGAL US President.

Biden, is most definitely an illegal President. The election was a massive scam, a total fraud, that is PROVABLY FRAUDULENT.

The stolen election, like the 911 building collapses CAN BE PROVEN FROM HARD DATA. There are already Computer Data Experts who can show this based on publicly available data.

I hope, and suspect there can and will be a Stolen-Election-Truth Movement, just like there was a kickass 911 Truth Movement.

Proof that the election was stolen is not a conspiracy theory. It will be proved statistically and mathematically. It will be able to stand full on rigorous proofs that will satisfy scientists and auditors.

I cannot bring myself to consider Biden a President. I will only refer to the old f*cking communist goofball if it is absolutely necessary – whenever he is talking some shit, or lying or conning people.

What a dumb, pathetic White asshole. He is almost as low as the Clintons. The Clinton communists are in a class of their own though. I think I prefer Biden as President to seeing Hillary Clinton as President. He’s just a dumb, lying crook. The Clintons are evil.

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