11 Photos: US: EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC: White Violence: Young Whites are REBELLIOUS: Three police injured, SWAT vehicle damaged and local cars FLIPPED as Colorado university party turns violent


[White Revolution is coming. There is no doubt in my mind about this. And you can see the growing signs of it. Whites are going to become violent in the years ahead, and you can see shades of this in their behaviour. This is from a story sent to me by an American reader and I want to show you some photos. Jan]

There is film footage at the url below, but it’s at night so you can’t really see clearly what race they are, but their general behaviour suggests they are White. However, the daytime photos show it more clearly. It looks like a neighbourhood of Whites:

The damage is quite astounding:

The cops took a heck of a beating from the young Whites. Check this:

Video footage from before the cops arrived:

Video footage once the cops arrived:

Three SWAT team officers were injured as violent revellers bombarded first responders with bricks and rocks, setting off fireworks and flipping a car during a wild Colorado university street party which attracted up to 800 people.

The violence occurred in the University Hill neighborhood of Boulder, Colorado on Saturday night, as hundreds of partygoers shot off fireworks and flouted social-distancing rules and mask-wearing advice.

Police began receiving a slew of complaints about 7pm local time and by 8:30pm the SWAT team had arrived to begin clearing the crowds.

Officers declared the party an unlawful gathering and threatened to use tear gas if revellers refused to disperse.

Multiple vehicles, including the SWAT team’s armored personnel carrier, were damaged as things turned ugly. Irate revellers also flipped a civilian car.

“The public health stakes of this type of a gathering are high and potentially dire,” the police said in a press release.

Authorities at the University of Colorado Boulder condemned the party and the violence and threatened to expel any student found to have attacked first responders.

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty vowed to bring violent troublemakers to justice for their “outrageous actions.”

“There is no excuse for this conduct, especially while the people of this community endure the pandemic,” he added.

You can view the whole story here: https://www.rt.com/usa/517492-colorado-university-street-party-violence/

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