10 Photos: THE FUTURE: From SUVs back to Donkeys: How a Society & Nations return to the past due to collapse: Yemen – My Comments


[Take a look at what happens when infrastructure breaks. In this case, the war in Yemen, is resulting in it no longer being viable to drive SUVs, etc. So they are returning to donkeys. This in my view is the future of Africa. I have always believed in being a minimalist, in focusing, with Rhodesian/German efficiency, on how to do as much as possible with as little as possible. I think this gives a nice example of how a society and a nation can collapse and how they are forced to return to the past. This can easily happen in South Africa in the decades to come AND IT IS DEFINITELY ALREADY HAPPENING IN AFRICA. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF AFRICA. This is therefore important for those of you looking to the distant future and prepping. Think in terms of minimalism and being able to function with the minimum, when other things collapse. I repeat, WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT IS THE FUTURE OF AFRICA. Furthermore, African nations WILL BREAK UP. All of them, including South Africa. Note: Aden is a part of Yemen and in Aden, the British fought communist terrorists and the Rhodesian air force also fought there.  Jan]

Donkeys turn into prized asset as Yemen economy sags

Yemenis have resorted to using donkeys as the conflict leaves SUVs out of reach for most

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