WW2: The Stupid Jewish Holocaust which makes NO SENSE when you look closer…


A supporter of mine wrote this:
This holocaust narrative is really stupid. Why exactly would you house & feed people you were going to kill? It was wartime and supplies of food were scarce. It would be so much easier & cheaper to just run them all into an enclosure and leave them to the elements – no food, no water. They could have dug a big hole for this purpose & when they are all dead just bulldoze it over.

I replied:
Exactly … why house them? Why transport them long distances … and then even have to ship in the coal or wood to burn them? Did you know the USAF and RAF flew over auschwitz many times during the war taking aerial photos and there isn’t a single photo confirming any of what the Jews said happened!!! There is no data, no records from ww2, that indicate, either from photography, or from radio intercepts which the allies could decode, which indicated that any “holocaust” was under way!

I will add another point:

If enough whites get to believe that the holocaust is fake, the JEWS WILL INVENT NEW FACTS. I’m not kidding. A buddy of mine who went to Eastern Europe with David Irving, was telling me about a camp where there were security guards and nobody was allowed into it for 2 years. I formed the opinion, that the Jews may be inventing a NEW HOLOCAUST LIE. When that camp opens, you’ll see “new evidence” of the holocaust … like the stupid chimney which the Russians built after WW2.

Mark my words, Jews do the very opposite of what a normal, honest white person would do. They will spend money on BIGGER LIES and invent new stuff. They are the scum of the earth.

3 thoughts on “WW2: The Stupid Jewish Holocaust which makes NO SENSE when you look closer…

  • 27th November 2019 at 4:37 pm

    Two good and intelligent comments here. As 2tobias explained about a more intelligent method, such a method has been proven by the Americans when they exterminated 1.7 million German soldiers including Hitler Youth, by using much the same method at the Rhine Meadows camps. This was actually witnessed by a Canadian journalist who traveled with American forces. He heard rumours of such camps and he went to look at them, and when he got too close the guards fired warning shots over his head, and some of them warned him to his face.
    I wish I could remember his name and the name of his book that he wrote and which I read in the late 70’s. I was really bloody angry by what I read knowing it to be true, and to think that the Jews had no problems keeping it secret for the most part. A German friend and co worker (Ernst Krist) of mine in the early 70″s who was a Hitler Youth at the death camp got teared up when he told me about it. He also was very angry when he spoke of it. To my shame at the time I grinned at some of his language errors, and the way he told it. He said that they had to eat grass, but it sounded like he said glass, he then told of the blood coming out his arshlo. I made the flippant remark “Yep, glass will do that every time.” A few years later when I read the book I was angered by my attitude and also that I couldn’t go back to Sydney to see him and to apologise. I also wanted to show him the book.
    The book described how the healthy prisoners were turned into walking skeletons in just a couple of weeks. Also mentioned was how the hair was shaven off the prisoners and they mentioned lice, but the Yanks had DDT and sprayed the prisoners when they arrived at the camps so that they wouldn’t be able to pass on the disease that lice carry, to their own guards. The authour mentioned how the dead Germans were stacked up and then thrown into the back of troop lorry’s.
    I remembered seeing pictures of the skeletol bodies of “Jews” lying nude at the concentration camps. I noticed how extremely tall many of the bodies were, even lying down, even taller than the American MP’s standing about. It occurred to me that with the bodies being bald and so thin in the face, they could pass as German SS. Could this be the real reason for cutting off the hair at the Yanks camps for the Germans.? And for providing the POW’s with large metal pots to boil grass in.?
    I also noticed how the bodies of the women laid about being displayed with no attempt to hide their crutch, but yet the male bodies had their legs crossed to hide their genitalia. Ding Dong, I heard a bell ring, could it be that these concentration camp bodies were in fact Germans, and their legs crossed to hide the fact that the dead men were NOT circumcised, which was the cultural practice in Germany and most of Europe.? We know that Jews are circumcised. Do you follow my drift.? The contempt for the dead women could be understood if they were in fact German.

  • 27th November 2019 at 9:39 am

    In view of how efficient (and open) the Germans have always been with the planning, organization and execution of all their operations, the dragged-out, inefficient, impossible and unncessary “extermination camp myth” makes no sense whatsoever.

  • 27th November 2019 at 8:16 am

    Yes indeed. The more you study and learn about them and their “Jew think” you realize they are an evil, conniving and vindictive horde. They have extorted billions of dollars for more than 70 years from the nations of the world and they keep extending who deserves retribution for their WWII hoaxes. It will go on into great, great, great grandchildren if the world doesn’t end their damn charade!


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