WW2: 3 Maps: So the USA defeated Germany? USA is 27x larger than Germany! Russia 54x larger!


When you study WW2, you will see how utterly ridiculous it was as a war when the stupid (Jewish) Allies (British Empire, USA & Soviet Union) fought Germany on 2 fronts.

Here is a map showing an actual comparison of the sizes of Germany with the USA.

It makes the war look like a joke hey?

So they beat the Germans while the Germans were fighting 3 empires attacking on all fronts and enormous fleets of planes were engaging in white genocide from the air!

I think Churchill wanted to unleash poison gas on the German civilians but even his generals rebelled at that notion. They knew they were already going way overboard in war crimes against the Germans.

Here’s a comparison of the USA and Germany. Then remember that tiny Germany built an Empire while coming until global attack and they held on to their Empire for a few years in the face of unbelievable opposition. Pretty AMAZING HEY!? Ask yourself WHO PROVED THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT? I say the Germans did, unquestionably. They showed what is possible if you have will and determination and talent!

If anything, Germany is proof of the power of a small compact country of whites – which is a lesson for those of us living in Africa – a very important lesson in fact.

Compare Germany to Britain alone! Plus the British had the whole Empire behind it!

Here is Germany compared to the East Coast of the USA! Russia fought Germany with every ounce of energy it had because the Japanese were not a big problem for the Russians. Russia is DOUBLE the size of the USA. That means that Russia was about 54x bigger than Germany! Pretty EXCELLENT going for a small country with very few natural resources compared to what the USA and USSR had easy access to hey!? Germany is a perfect definition of HEROIC if ever there was one!

One thought on “WW2: 3 Maps: So the USA defeated Germany? USA is 27x larger than Germany! Russia 54x larger!

  • 28th December 2017 at 12:40 am

    yeah, it took twelve years for the combined weight of, the entire british commonwealth, france, russia, poland, several european minors, and the united states, to demonise and destroy a country smaller than the state of texas. the fact that they had to resort to the most despicable and heinous tactics to achieve this, speaks volumes. had this actually been a “victory”, pyhrric would be the only possible description used. ww1 and ww2 were nothing more than absolute fucking travesties, designed to gut the heart out of powerful white empires, and murder the absolute cream of our race.


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