Whites! We can survive & prosper even if all our enemies do NOT want us to win!


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Some Black tribes engage in ritual circumcision. (Sometimes the Black boys even die!!). It turns out that another side effect was spreading AIDS!

[I was reading some email exchanges between people and they were debating all kinds of theoretical ideas relating to this world because they were unhappy about all the chaos and problems that exist on Earth – as if they are expecting the world to be perfect and peaceful. This is just a bunch of claptrap to be honest. Get used to problems … and solving them. Jan]

So I quietly wrote this to the White folks who were lamenting:-

The answer is quite simple, as our pagan ancestors knew: Life = War.
War = The Ultimate Competition. (There will ALWAYS be competition).

As Hitler said and knew: He who wants to live, LET HIM FIGHT!

That’s all there is to it. We must roll up our sleeves and get stuck into the fight for the future.
There is nothing else to do.

Only fighters ever win. Sitting on the sidelines ALWAYS results in failure.

Eternal Peace and such dreams are impossible to have and very likely not even desirable.
We, as a race, are more than capable of surviving, winning and prospering … EVEN IF ALL OUR ENEMIES DO NOT WISH US TO HAVE IT!

One of my supporters who is a Christian was on the list and later sent me this message:-

Jan, I looked below at all the lamenting and blah blah and then your email was like , shut the hell up people and fight! I love how you put things so clearly and get to the point. Hahaha. For god’s sake, stop wondering and trying to figure out why it’s happening, fight!!! It’s like there is a fire and these people are debating over how the fire started instead of putting it out!! Act people! Action is all you have. Pray but prayer is fruitless without action. Even Christ said to sell your cloak for a sword if necessary.

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