What happened to the Creativity religion? Did it split because of Matt Hale’s arrest?


One of my supporters asked me this question:
Jan, I’ve been looking into the creativity religion. Do you know the difference between the alliance and the movement? It seems like the alliance disavows the movement but I can’t find any information on why.

This was my reply. If anyone has more info to add, please add it in the comments below the article. My reply:

The Creativity Religion split. It might have split because of Matt Hale going to jail.

I will post this question and ask for answers, but I think its related to that.

I think the people were probably afraid they would be arrested and so people may have made various moves to distance themselves from him in order to save themselves. It is sad, but understandable to some degree. This is the situation we find ourselves in with endless Jewish harrassment and trickery. For the record, the evidence against Matt Hale is weak, and he was set up. The entire process might even have been illegal. But, once its gone through the system, it might be almost impossible to undo it.

I think what I’m telling you is right. I’ll post this on my site. Watch for comments on the article.



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