Video: Weird, enormous explosion in Beirut, Lebanon – Is it Israel?


Here’s an interesting short video:

There is an aspect of this video that is weird. I almost wondered if it had been edited. It looks almost like a type of "nuke". But I cannot, for one second believe it is a nuke. I’m not sure what could make for that kind of explosion.

I just pondered whether perhaps there was an ammunition dump somewhere that was then triggered. But that theory might not also fly. For example here is film footage of an ammunition dump going up in the Ukraine:

You can see rockets flying off before the whole thing goes up in a big fireball.

An ammunition dump in Russia going up:

Again a fireball.

If this explosion in Beirut is from Israel, which I think is what everyone suspects, then maybe it is using munitions from the USA, that can do this. I would suspect that the Jewish filth would not be capable of developing weaponry that has this type of firepower.

If anyone who knows more about weapons, bombs, munitions, etc has any insight into this explosion then feel free to drop a line. This explosion is indeed rather strange.

But I totally doubt it’s a nuke. Nobody would dare use even a tactical nuke so it must be something else.

What about a fuel air bomb?

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