Video: UK: EXCELLENT: White Nurse fights back: Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

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[This is excellent. We need to see where this goes. But it's wonderful that this nurse is fighting back intensely. I'd like to see how this progresses. Whites MUST stand up for themselves … everywhere. Whites are being CRUSHED in their own system. Rest assured, whenever you hear "racism" and "whiteness is a problem" … that JEWS WERE THERE STOKING THE FIRES! And whenever you hear the BLM crap … Jews and Liberals have been there. Jan]

"First test of woke ideology in the courts" as the NHS is accused of
"forcing Critical Race Theory on students". On this week’s #SWYSI we
are joined by Amy Gallagher, a Christian nurse who is suing the
controversial Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust for ‘forcing racist
ideology’ on students in a lecture entitled, ‘Whiteness – A Problem of
Our Time’. Arguing that the trust forces a ‘racist ideology’ onto
students, Amy tells us how nursing students are being discriminated
against on the basis of race and religion.

Here’s the video:

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