The White Liberals of South Africa … Reader’s Comments & Mine

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Some readers wrote some comments about the White Liberals of South Africa:

T-money: wrote:

Some sobering red/black pills are that 50% of the cape whites in SA are liberals. They’re fucking minorities and get discriminated against and still they cling to liberal beliefs.

11:46 a.m., Saturday Dec. 26

Walter Potter wrote:

Yea, a lot of white nationalists in America are surprised how many liberals there are in South Africa despite the crime and farm murders and discrimination… I have an aunt and cousins in Cape Town but I havn’t kept in touch with them

My Comments:

This is an interesting line of thinking, and you’ll find this among the British and even to some degree among the Americans. Even the Rhodesians suffer from this. I think there are a number of critical causes. One of my readers made the comment quite some time ago that no Whites (anywhere) would be Liberal if it wasn’t forced on them. The Jews did a study of the natural attitude of Whites after WW2 and they determined that our natural personality is "Fascist". This is what we really are – all Whites in every Western nation. So the question becomes: Why does Liberalism reign, even when there are so many terrible things happening.

I think there are 3 explanations which relate to South Africa:-
1. Liberalism and Multiculturalism is all the Whites ever hear or are allowed to express as views.

  1. "Business thinking" – This is an entire topic by itself.

  2. In South Africa, there is the view among Whites that our population is too small for anything to be viable except for something that relates to multiculturalism. The only exception being the Boers who have a natural, internal, driven desire to have their own state.

Interestingly, the White Right Wing has had most of its recruits in recent years in the Cape region. I know this from people who run their own groups and they told me about this.

Interestingly, about 20 years ago, when I published my book Government by Deception, I wrote specifically about how Whites and Coloureds could seize the Cape and turn it into a country that is separate from the rest of SA. I’m not sure if some of that thinking maybe ended up spreading to the Cape.

With regard to all the things that cause Whites to be Liberal in SA and elsewhere I regard (1) and (2) as the most critical. (2) need some serious analysis and explanation.

In a final nutshell, I would say that Whites in SA and everywhere else, have largely lost all confidence in themselves as a group. They lack deeper thinking, like that of Hitler and others who had deeper historical and social knowledge.

It is very probable that the same trap that the Whites of SA fell into, is the same trap that the USA, Canada and much of the West will fall into. The Europeans, like the Boers, have a tighter group instinct and they also have greater numbers. Thus their loss of faith in themselves is very likely more easy to be reserved.

The loss of confidence of Whites since WW2 has really been terrible. So Whites walk around grovelling like powerless dogs, whereas the Non-Whites walk around strutting big and tall.

These are fascinating things to observe.

Whites everywhere need to learn group solidarity and sticking together. Until they can unite as a group on a group basis they will go nowhere.

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