The Jew Unz claims to have an IQ of 200 – Jordan Peterson High IQ as well – My Comments


One of my supporters told me that the Jew Unz of the Unz Report claims to have an IQ of 200.

This reminds me of Jordan Peterson who either is a crypto-Jew himself, which I think is the case. He was also talking about how freaking clever he is. I think he was also boasting about 190 or something of that ilk. The average white has an IQ of 100.

And then the Jews also like to remind us that they win something like 25% of the Nobel Prizes these days.

You never heard a German, especially a NAZI talking about how clever he was. Yet, the NAZIs invented virtually everything that all modern armies use these days including the USA and Russia. The Germans never needed to boast about their apparent brain capacity because it was clearly evident that they were way ahead of everyone in their game.

Mind you, the French aren’t half bad either I must tell you. Several weeks ago I was looking into the issue of AIDS in order to catch up on my own knowledge of it. I was astounded to discover that the USA took MONTHS to isolate the AIDS virus. I can’t remember if the person in charge of the AIDS research was a JEW … I almost think so. But pardon me if I’m wrong.

The French on the other hand were able to isolate the AIDS virus in 3 weeks!!!! (If I remember correctly). The Americans had been fumbling and bumbling around for MONTHS and the French nailed it in one shot.

Also for the record, the Germans are the only people who have actually CURED someone of AIDS! Yes, its actually been DONE! Its very, very tricky. It was done in Berlin, by Germans, and its not easy to do. There are all sorts of complications.

Returning to the Jew Unz and his claims of how brilliant he is. Remember the Jews can’t stop telling us about the Jewish physicist Einstein and how wonderful he is. In reality, he was a plagiarist AND, in my view, he probably has held back physics by a century. Jews go on and on about their stupid Einstein.

Never forget that whites are responsible, for about 97% of all scientific progress in all of history.

These Jews are “good” when you can sit in a class room and fake it. Jews are NOT that hot in reality. Engineering, science and maths are NOT their top subjects. Lying on the fly … coming up with fake arguments that sound good (sophistry) … now that’s a Jewish science if ever there was one.

Remember the Jew liar Stefan Molyneux boasting about how incredibly clever Jews are? And Molyneux claims, that we’ve reached the end of the age of the state. Yeah yeah … Jew liar. The state is going to make a lot of come-backs. And the next states should be WHITE ETHNOSTATES with powerful military forces!!!

DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY JEWS CLAIMING TO BE SO CLEVER. Chances are, the Jews have corrupted the Nobel Prize process and that’s why the race of liars are suddenly such “geniuses”.

Don’t concern yourself with the boastings of the race of scum.

6 thoughts on “The Jew Unz claims to have an IQ of 200 – Jordan Peterson High IQ as well – My Comments

  • 9th December 2019 at 4:23 am

    Zuma flees to Cuba –

    Jan seriously worred about these commies & things going on in this country. I think they are planning something big, Eskom is just a diversion tactic. They are going to hide under that power failure and plan something big. Zums is with his old Cuban pals now and I doubt he will be back, he will probably launch the war from Cuba.

    I would like to hear your comments. I know the FBI were investigating him & his money laundering pal. Seems if Africans can flee to Cuba much like your favorites can go to Israel and never be extradited.

    Cuba is the black Israel in the Western Hemisphere where they are all using the same ideology and once there you cant extradite them. I think big things are happening in SA.

    The DA is falling apart, the ANC is falling apart, there is severe interference in SA from the West & East now. Sparks will fly not too far from now

  • 9th December 2019 at 2:46 am

    AIDS virus has Never been isolated…that is why you only see cgi and artists renditions ,not any virus captured by electron microscope. There are top PhDs from all over the world trying to show the scam,but are given no media attention

  • 8th December 2019 at 8:39 pm

    The word in German -Gift- means Poison.

  • 8th December 2019 at 6:05 pm

    If they were so smart, where are their civilizations? Why do they require our universities to preach garbage? If they were so smart, they would not be causing the chaos in the West. Big difference between intellegence and conniving/instigating.

    We see the zots in SA have great brains when it comes to robbing, stealing, hijacking, corruption but when it comes to them building anything of substance or being able to progress, well it all falls short.

    They give each other Hollywood awards for the best actos, they give each other book awards, entrepreneur award, Nobel peace prizes, the problem is they make you believe in the shit they dont believe in.

    Did they conquer the world? No they think they have but they will eventually wake up.
    Did they invent many of our inventions? No
    Did they build the great universities found in the West dating back to Greece? NO
    Does Israel look anything like a Western country in terms of cleanliness and design? NO

    If you entertain this idea, they have hijacked your mind

  • 8th December 2019 at 12:12 pm

    Beware of jews bearing gifts.


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