The Bible as a Top Down (God, incorrect) view of Life: Whites have lost their CONFIDENCE that’s all


Here are some exchanges from a video I did some time back and comments from different people along with my reply:

One viewer wrote:

Thanks again, Jan, for another interesting video. I think you are bang on with your realistic observations regarding how the world works. You have a quite Nietzschean perspective on things.
To quote him Friedrich Nietzsche;
“This is precisely why the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.”
I am sorry that you are having legal problems with the jews.

Another took me to task over the Bible:

Though I am sympathetic toward the white’s cause on this site, being white, myself, and that Hitler is one of the most maligned individuals on the planet for no just reason, except ignorance, that’s where my sympathy here ends. It always amuses me, videos like this, because it’s always the attempt, in one form or other, to answer the same two questions humans have been asking themselves since the very beginning of time: where have we come from and where are we going?

What’s also interesting is that a quote from the Bible is being used here merely as an aid and attempt to understand something I suppose, and it seems to be treated as merely an historical document of sorts and I think the observations here end in total confusion. That is what atheists and secularists do of course. I wonder if Jan has actually read the Bible from cover to cover to understand its context as a whole.It might help understand better what he is trying to do here. One has to not only study this book to speak intelligently about it but they must have studied it for years to really understand. True Christians who have read the Bible from cover to cover several times, cross-referencing both old and new testaments do have the answers to the two eternal questions posed above. The rest is prologue since the bible actually happens to be the manual that explains our existence here on this earth. To laugh and ignore is at your own peril.

This was my reply to the Biblical view:
Just for the record, I was very interested in the Bible as a young teen. But it never sat well with me. I found it frankly, very convoluted and it clashed with itself. Much later, I was friendly to, and supportive of, many whites who view the bible as the BE ALL and END ALL and that it needed to be thoroughly understood and that it was totally correct. But I’ve watched those people flounder around and fail. And I myself found that the things they predicted or expected were a waste of time. I did a video about THE END TIMES and I called it the worst Jewish mind poison. You can find it here on this site. Just search for VIDEO JEWISH MIND POISON END TIMES and you should find it. Its the worst idea ever conceived. The Bible has another enormous flaw that is also its attraction and this is very "Jewish". It purports to have a top-down view of everything, a sort of insight into God and that is just nonsense. Just nonsense and rubbish. The BAD NEWS is stuff like THE END TIMES, the belief that the Bible knows and we know and now its the end and we wait for God. The REAL GOOD NEWS is that the future is undetermined. Nobody knows the future and if you go out there and you try and put in effort you’ll see that there is hope and a future. Most of the Christians I know cower in fear and feel hopeless and helpless. This is just junk. The future is there to be seized by those with the desire and determination to do so.

To quote you, you claim Christians have the answers, but I know many Christians and each Christian’s answers conflict with the others. I’ve been with Christians and they argue endlessly.

See the comment below by the other guy who says my outlook is that of Nietzsche. That is correct, and it is the only valid way. Furthermore, the Top down view of life IS WRONG in EVERY ASPECT. I have done videos on this too. BOTTOM UP, which is science, is the total opposite of the Biblical Top Down, God-view and Bottom up, produces the best and finest result. It is the only method that results in progress – THE ONLY METHOD THAT WORKS.

Nobody knows what God is thinking, and the Bible, least of all.

But many whites cling to it and I know why, and I will revisit this. Whites have lost confidence and they cling to this thing because they have lost faith IN THEMSELVES AS LIVING PEOPLE. You don’t need that book really. What you need are REAL TOOLS. Then you’ll throw that book aside and get on with the work that must be done.

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