South Africa’s excellent parastatal companies Whites created are now ALL FAILING and COLLAPSING…

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Africa is the richest continent on Earth. In fact, it is richer in minerals than the whole world combined. Yet these useless Blacks have received more food, medicines and AID than any other place on Earth. Their levels of wastage and failure are unbelievable.

Under White Rule. The Whites created what we call parastatal companies. They were owned and controlled by the Government. They created them, I suspect, because our population and economy is too small. So rather than allow competition between lots of tiny companies that don’t have the money to do big projects, they created these parastatals. These parastatals were run by Whites, mostly by Afrikaans (Boer) Whites. This also provided Whites with jobs. This was a type of White socialism.

When I came to South Africa, I worked in one such company. I officially worked for the "Post Office" when I got into computers. But the "Post Office" also controlled and ran the entire land line telephone infrastructure in the 1980s. So the "Post Office" was enormous. Mail was in fact a very small portion of what it did. It’s biggest work was the entire telephone infrastructure. I worked on the computer systems for the phones from 1982-1985 when I went to Johannesburg to join the wonderful (((business world))) which was a huge disappointment actually. One of the systems that I worked on for long was the "Job Control System" (JCS), for the "Post Office" which controlled all the projects related to the setting up of telephone lines, installations as well as all the repairs across the country for phone lines, etc.

Eskom was the electricity parastatal, and SAA was the national airline parastatal. SABC was the TV and Radio parastatal. Later the Post Office was broken away, and the telephone parastatal was Telkom.

ALL these parastatals were huge and employed tens of thousands of people.

The only parastatal that is not bankrupt now is Telkom. But all the others are totally F*CKED. Some have even been totally bankrupt more than once (e.g. SAA). They are inefficient and losing money like crazy. They are bleeding to death and have been for at least 15+ years. They also chased most of the Whites out of them.

I laugh as I watch how these things are collapsing and they can’t be saved. Our postal system is virtually gone! It’s that bad. You Americans have no idea how awesome your postal system is. I’ve seen it and used it and it’s WONDERFUL. Ours is pure crap. It hardly functions.

I’m just loving watching these parastatals sinking. The one that impacts us the most is electricity. That thing is in huge trouble and nothing the Blacks have tried in the last 15 years has helped!!! Hehehehehe.

Let the ship SINK!!!

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