Russia: Kremlin Perfidy: Secret Draft agreement between Russia and Ukraine – Hidden Istanbul Peace Agreement Revelation


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[One of my American supporters has been sending me the work of this guy who is a Slav. I've not been sure what to make of it. But he might be on to something. It seems the Ukrainians and Russians nearly signed a deal. Jan]

"This is PROOF of the claim I made a year ago that the Kremlin signed away the independence of these Russian-speaking territories BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT RUSSIAN-SPEAKERS and anyone who told you otherwise is wrong, clearly. In the past, we could have said that these other analysts were simply making a mistake because of their fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the Kremlin. … But now we have the papers that PROVE that the Kremlin did not give a damn about Eastern Ukraine and so the justification for this war is proven to be FALSE." ~ Slavlander

Here’s more:
The Istanbul secret peace deal that we’ve been speculating about for years now on this blog was leaked. It turns out that Arestovich, Lukashenko and the other leakers were telling the truth, and so I, by extension, was too.

I’ll let the Black Colonel handle the executive summary. Here:

As you know, The New York Times recently published a draft agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, discussed in April 2022 in Istanbul. The draft agreement contained 18 articles and 6 annexes. At the same time, the posted text of the draft agreement and five appendices to it do not contain Appendix No. 6, which aroused the greatest interest.

This appendice is a map, on it the territories of Ukraine were marked which were allegedly disputed. And their fate was allegedly going to be decided later during the meeting between Putin and Zelensky. In addition, interest in this map was also caused by the fact that the draft agreement does not say a word about the fate of the DPR and LPR, or the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

Please read the draft agreement carefully.

I am personally doing the same thing and I think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will post a full analysis of this important document on my TLG channel.

So far, my initial opinion is that it is very good that it was not signed.

Ah, but it was signed. The ambassadors sent to Istanbul from both signs signed it. Or at least they did the finalized version — maybe it differed from this draft in some way. Maybe not:

Arestovych: "We Opened a Champagne Bottle After the Negotiations With Russia!!!"

You can read the rest here:

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