Reader takes Alex Linder & me on, about attacking Christianity – My Reply


Large numbers of my supporters are Christians. I don’t believe in chasing Christians away. I’m not a Christian. I don’t approve of Christianity, but white people are the most important thing. I do not advocate killing whites who have beliefs I do not approve of. I do believe in interaction with Christians and explaining new ideas to them. To me, whites are more important than Christianity. To Christians, who really need to fix their own minds, Christianity is more important than whites. THAT IS WRONG. As for Hitler, he was in a country that was 95%+ christian. He had to work with Christians. He had no choice. Tom Metzger and all the rest of us face the same issue. Alex Linder believes in attacking Christians openly. I believe in speaking to them. I am happy to tolerate the idea that whites have FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Having said that, I also believe in educating them and having an open discourse with them. In the end, things will work out for us. I think this is the most practical way forward.

I will repeat: WHITES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHRISTIANITY. Christians think Christianity is more important than our race. That’s WRONG. Christian identity which looks at Whites as a race – is a better form of Christianity.


One thought on “Reader takes Alex Linder & me on, about attacking Christianity – My Reply

  • 8th November 2019 at 5:16 am

    Notice the term “NAZI” in the above. As always, Jews looking to throw hints about the Germans around.

    Interestingly, in scientific publications I’m coming across more and more mention of aliens, and in some cases it comes directly from a Jew – as if they’re trying to pervert science with weird alien stuff.

    The Jews may be looking to see if they can divert the focus of whites elsewhere.

    Jews want the focus to go everywhere EXCEPT on JEWS!

    My Boer NAZI pal has spoken many times to me about Jews having a higher rate of mental illness than any other people. He wrote:

    Jan, What is very clear is that Annunaki stuff is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen in my life! Scientifically it is typical of people who cannot differentiate between myth and reality and that can usually also be a sign of schizophrenia. Like David Icke, who was already diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child but he never had any counselling in this regard.

    LMAO. Your Boer Nazi friend should probably take some time and review his educational background or lack thereof. He sounds just like today’s children in the USA who are products of our Ashke-Nazi public school system. It sounds to me like he has a little bit of schizophrenia in his family history as well. Well, let’s start with the term schizophrenia and work our way backward shall we? We all have voices in our heads, for one thing, one of the dominant forces on this planet is demons sometimes referred to as archons. For another our minds are made up of so many individual parts, you might say we have several voices in our heads just naturally. There is the left & right hemispheres some times referred to as the masculine and feminine parts of our minds. Then their’s the gift of God (Yahweh) which is referred to as the reptilian brain that controls our fear or flight reactions. Then their’s the heart-brain which is just now being recognized by our very primitive and brainwashed and backward science industry. Since all of our technology comes from aliens. From UFO technology channeled by the Vril girls for Hitler to the Tesla tower-based around the pyramid of Giza to our cell phones which are being used by the invading black cube AI to prepare our children to become transhuman. So, in reality, because the schizophrenic seems to be the only individuals who seem to have the capacity to tell the difference, they may very well be the only sane people on this planet. As for counseling. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The word psychiatry and the entire phony industry was created by the Ashke-Nazi finance Tavistock Institute on Human Behavior which used Nazi psychiatrists who learned their skills by torturing Auschwitz children. They term Ashke-Nazi itself means “Auschwitz” “Nazi.” This just goes to show you that the Nazis themselves were under the hypnotic spell of the Jewish bastard Hitler, just as your Boer Nazi friend. Myth means truth that we don’t want the stupid to believe. Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows.


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