Points to Ponder: Are the Jews/Elite trying to destroy white jobs with automation?


Here’s a point I’ve never brought up, but its something in the back of my mind that I’ve been wondering about on and off. I’m going to flesh it out a bit, because maybe whites can investigate this and see if I’m on to something?

Have you noticed how the elite say that 40% of ALL jobs will be automated in 20 years? e.g. Truck drivers. 
I’ve been wondering if this is a move against whites by Jewry as they try to use our technology/markets and try to drive whites out of jobs? 
Its just a thing I’m pondering. I have no facts. I thought I’d put it out there as food for thought.
It seems to me that Jews are trying, at all costs, to retain “the high ground” in terms of science, in terms of capital/money (not just central banks, but by inventing money on an even greater scale since the 1990s using the concept of “derivatives”). Derivatives involve more money than all the assets of the world combined. How is that possible? Isn’t that an even bigger scam than central banking?
The late, great Harry Schultz in Switzerland, who was in the Guiness book of records, as the world’s highest paid investment consultant, and whom I made contact with personally, always kept writing about what a scam “derivatives” were. And if you look more closely, how can “derivatives” have a value greater than all the assets of all the countries of the world combined (several times over)?
This would allow the elite to have a never-ending source of “money” regardless of what else happens to us. All of us, put together can never have the amount of money that the elite already have stacked away in “derivatives”.
It seems to me the Jews are sealing up: Politics, Science and Universities. They seem to be stealing every piece of technology and invention they can lay their hands on (and give it to China, the next Jewish super-power).
As it is, Jews control all manufacturing. So they’ve got manufacturing and retail totally sewed up.
So I’m wondering if World Jewry is trying to use all “our white inventions” plus their endless supply of money and now they will try to destroy the white worker who is going to rebel against them. Then the Jews will use all of science and technology and capital and politics and business so that they use non-white workers combined with OUR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, while driving whites out of all business and all jobs USING OUR OWN SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY/ENGINEERING.
This is the basic line of thinking I’m pondering. I’m just putting it out there…

2 thoughts on “Points to Ponder: Are the Jews/Elite trying to destroy white jobs with automation?

  • 31st August 2018 at 8:42 am

    Whites should benefit from automation because it will get rid of the nigger jobs. Most of the agricultural workers in America are Amerindians; if fruit picking, for example, could be automated, then brown people will be obsoleted the way the cotton gin obsoleted the nigger in the 1800s.

    Of course there will be dumber whites who will suffer but overall it’s a benefit for whites.

  • 31st August 2018 at 4:18 am

    I work in automating these jobs as do some of my friends. It is less about Jews here and purely about costs. The first drive is to get rid of unskilled labor, like from the low IQ peoples. You will see large advancements being made to automate fast food and other semi brainless jobs. Now the stated end goal is a kind of “hyper capitalism” to quote Jacques Attali where the powerful will own most everything and the skilled workers will travel around doing specialized work for them and the bulk of humanity will live in a primitive state. One reason I think they are flooding the world with a dumb brown hoard is they know they will be unemployable and their presence will destroy society and and social cohesion and set up this future.


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