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Friday, December 7, 2018

Heather O’Rourke: What Happened?

On November 9, 2017, under the headline “Today’s Blind Items?—?Molesters Killed Her,” an anonymous blogger (archive here) purporting to have information about the entertainment industry wrote a “blind item.”

The post starts out talking about the reasons why the 1980s were supposedly “peak child molesting time in Hollywood.” Essentially, argues the writer, it was routine for area parents to traffic their own children:

“ As sad as it is to say, there were a lot of parents who told their kids to go off with the nice man in the suit and do what he says.”

It seems we’ve heard so many stories about child actors’ lives being “ruined.” Yet those stories always seem somehow “inexplicable,” like it’s their fault for frittering away the gains of their youth.

What if we were to see the reality behind the glitz and the glamour? What if this blog post, with its horrific message about the reality of Hollywood 30 years ago, was true then and perhaps still true now?

“Children came to the set where they were left alone by their parents. For the next 8 hours they were subject to every kind of horrible thing….Drugs were….used to try and get the kids to not be so hysterical when being assaulted.”

Hollywood executives, says this writer, actually cast shows with pre-teens whether they’d be financially successful or not. It was all about the opportunity to prey on as many kids as possible.

“If someone pitched a show that involved a handful of tweens with a dozen tween extras per week, it would get a green light. Even if the show was going to suck, and everyone knew it was going to suck.”

The writer of this item portrays a coordinated effort by Hollywood executives to gain access to children sexually and to grant one another this access.

“The faster they filmed, the more time they would have to molest all the kids that would be hanging around….Executives would drive over to Hollywood right before lunch and would stay at the studio for several hours each day.”

This writer has just described a classic child sex trafficking network scenario. Per the U.S. Department of Justice:

“Offenders…target vulnerable children and gain control over them using a variety of manipulative methods….After cultivating a relationship….the trafficker will begin engaging the child in prostitution, and use…abuse to keep the child trapped.”

It’s been said that the average child sex trafficking victim lives seven yearsfrom the date they are first sold.

According to this blog, the victim was first molested at age 5 or 6.

We also know that Heather O’Rourke (shown here in Poltergeist, the role for which she was best-known) died at age 12.

But what does that prove? Some say claims about child sex trafficking, such as data about its prevalence, are unprovable.

Yet common sense tells us that such claims defy logic. Human trafficking is indeed the world’s third most prevalent form of organized crime, and 66% of the profit comes from sexual slavery. Hollywood is no different.

The writer of this anonymous post quotes an actress who is permanently traumatized by the scene as it unfolded that day. It’s not clear whether the actress knew the victim, but according to her, the pedophiles brought the child onto the stage in a bikini, shined bright lights, and performed sexual acts on themselves while making her strut and dance for them.

When that was finished, the girl disappeared from view as “three of the guys took her to a different area of the studio,” then reappeared after about 45 minutes to call an ambulance; something had been “inserted” in the child.

Is the story real? Was that child, as some have speculated, Heather O’Rourke?

We know that the young actress died at least partly because her intestines were obstructed. Notes People: “Heather died of cardiac-pulmonary arrest and septic shock, the result of an undetected intestinal blockage.”

A 2009 article in the journal Forensic Science International tells us that repeated anal rape can cause an obstruction in the bowel.

What happens if a child is anally raped repeatedly over a period of seven years, by one or more than one attacker at a time? What happens if the attackers are her traffickers?

Is it possible that they might make up a story, pay off or threaten the hospital employees, and do anything otherwise possible to make the whole thing “go away?”

In 2017, CNN posted a story about Karla Jacinto, a survivor who estimates she was raped more than 43,000 times during her four-year ordeal.

In Jacinto’s case, law enforcement is well-aware of the corridors that house and harbor child sex traffickers. But as CBS News reports, in other cases, such as “juvenile treatment facilities,” many people, including parents, have “no idea.”

Alyssa Beck was in one of these facilities when a “friend” lured her out to have some “fun.” Beck was quickly groomed and then trapped.

Many have made claims about being sexually abused in Hollywood. Certainly over the past year, the allegations against Harvey Weinstein opened the floodgates there, leading to a much larger “MeToo” movement that left its imprint worldwide.

Yet, as others have pointed out, the claims we have heard, as a mainstream audience, tend to focus on the experiences of adult women rather than children, which is a concern.

The #MeToo frenzy has also ignored the experience of children in the Hollywood entertainment industry specifically, whether female or male. In late 2017, after substantially quoting former child actor Corey Feldman, The Daily Beast called “preying on young boys” “Hollywood’s ‘Other Open Secret’Besides Harvey Weinstein.”

Child sex trafficking in Hollywood is real.There is ample evidence that young actors have paid the price for wanting to be in show business, and that the practice is as old as the industry itself.

Fox News’ “Judge Jeanine” Pirro, a former prosecutor, puts it this way:

“It is not just adult women, it is human trafficking, it is child sex trafficking, it is real pedophilia, in a town where there are no rules.”

In fact, Harvey Weinstein’s defense rests partly on the idea that women endured abuse for the sake of jobs; if they can’t get acting work any other way, this is arguably trafficking.

Given all of this, given how pervasive child sex trafficking is in America and all over the world, and given the inarguable nature of Hollywood as a central locus of this crime, it is very possible that a child star was raped to death in a Hollywood studio.

One of many similar crimes that never saw the headlines.

What isn’t clear is why the public’s legitimate concern about child sex trafficking is trivialized with headlines that focus only on unproven, outlandish claims, or why even well-known journalists who cover the story are silenced, censored,

, and possibly even murdered.

Update: See in-depth research and discussion on Voat. (Trigger warning.)
Posted December 6, 2018 by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Updated December 9 to include the link to discussion on Voat. All opinions belong to the person expressing them. All people are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Photo via Poltergeist photo via Wikipedia.

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