Pic What George Washington Actually Looked Like


Researchers compared detailed renderings to painted portraits to create this computer-generated image of Washington to prove that most of his portraits are pretty authentic.

this is what george washington really looked like Pinterest

What makes this image so realistic is Washington’s five o’clock shadow and his full head of hair – all of which was real and powdered white in his day. Washington died on December 14, 1799, after complications with a sore throat. He was 67 years old.

Source: https://www.pastfactory.com/history/what-historical-figures-really-looked-like/22/

3 thoughts on “Pic What George Washington Actually Looked Like

  • 2nd October 2019 at 6:11 pm

    The sad part is you are accepting and promoting a jew site (pastfactory.com) and their bullshit recreations. I’ll bet you have never done the research for yourself — looking for all the available portraits of George Washington and thinking about which must be the most realistic. I have.

    For one thing, you would find that Washington did not have a White nose. (Notice that my capitalization of the word “white” changes it from a color to a race designation, something you are still too adamantly ignorant to do.)

    George Washington was part of the CON of the CONstitution being inflicted upon the White-founded original United States of America. The great website WhitesWillWin exposed all of it, with documentation, several years ago.

    One of most important articles of all time. Find it here:

    • 22nd October 2019 at 12:42 am

      As I understand, these recreations are largely based on his portraits and other pieces of evidence indicating his appearance. There is nothing to suggest that he did not look like this. In fact, it seems a more honest portrayal than many of his portraits because those portraits make him look a bit softer. This picture is very indicative of a powerful, commanding personality; a true military general, consistent with Washington’s accomplishments in life.

      I disagree that he did not have a White nose. I don’t know what you’re implying here. Are you trying to say that Washington was Jewish? If so, you are laughably mistaken. In any case, we whites have diverse appearances. To suggest that someone is not white simply because of a few unideal features here and there is unproductive and childish at best; divisive and subversively inflammatory at worst.

      And it does not matter whether someone capitalizes “white” or not; it means the same thing. Jan is very aware of the deep biological factors of race. Look up some of his articles discussing skin color and biology. The fact that he does not capitalize “white” is insignificant. I know plenty of other whites who say many different terms: “White”, “white”, “Caucasian”, “Aryan”, “European”, “Nordic”, etc. It doesn’t matter what specific word you use to indicate our race; just be consistent and logical about it. Jan understands this and is by no means ignorant.

      I’ve read your “CONstitution” article before. The Constitution may have had its flaws, and I think the Articles of Confederation were superior in certain regards. But the Constitution was not a bad governing document and most of the problems have been when people have disobeyed or disregarded the Constitution. If nothing else, the Constitution has the important Bill of Rights which is a very important innovation of law developed by whites. Granted, the Bill of Rights was inspired by the Anti-Federalists and Articles of Confederation, but I still do not think the Constitution was evil nor was Washington evil because he helped our country in a very critical time. The Constitution and Federalism were valid systems to adopt during a time when America was very weak and we needed to defend ourselves from crumbling from within, while facing threats without. We could have (and probably should have) done away with Federalism over time, but that is neither here nor there. We have much more pressing issues upon us than the old argument of Federalism vs. Anti-Federalism.

      Do not slander whites who are doing their best with what they have. I believe both George Washington and Jan fall under this category. You need to be careful, lest someone accuse you of being ignorant or intentionally divisive. I do not think that you are either of those, but do not be so pugnacious. We have a hard enough time in our movement without making enemies of each other.

  • 1st October 2019 at 5:02 am

    He looks very German… certainly the face of a military man. Stern and strong. I showed this to a friend who said, “Wow, he looks very German. As white as white can be. I can’t tell if he’s German or English!”


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