Photos: NYC has trouble burying 100 bodies per day; compare to 6000 for Auschwitz! – My Comments


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[More proof that the Jewish hogwash about the holocaust can't work. I'm not going to go into detail, but all the tall tales of the Jews about the fake holocaust includes unbelievable amounts of impossible work including the insane "explanation" that Germans "hid the evidence" by digging up mass graves and then cremating the remains … hence no evidence. Lovely tall tale that one. It includes INSANE levels of work and logistics that the Germans could never possibly have had time or resources for. Just more figments of the feverish, lying Jewish mind. 


div>These photos, from Carolyn, add some REALITY to this Jewish nonsense, and just imagine the Germans doing this AND MORE (like digging up the dead afterwards and burning them) on a scale of 60x that of NYC … What utter hogwash. Jan]

NYC has trouble burying 100 bodies per day; compare to 6000 for Auschwitz!

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2020-04-11 15:14


Workers wearing hazmat suits and other protective gear were seen burying caskets three deep in a mass grave on New York’s Hart Island Thursday, April 9, amid speculation coronavirus victims are now being buried there. Normally, about 25 bodies are buried each Thursday on Hart Island. That number increased to 72 since the end of March when coronavirus fatalities increased drastically in the city, according to the Dept. of Corrections.


Another view of the burial taking place on New York’s Hart Island last Thursday morning. Names could be seen written or carved onto some caskets, obviously for future identification. It can’t be missed how undignified this all is, in spite of the talk of "every life having so much meaning." The majority of coronavirus dead will remain in refigerated trucks until they can be buried or cremated.

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