Megyn Kelly Drops Bombshell Info on Who She Thinks Is Sabotaging Tucker Carlson at Fox News


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Megyn Kelly theorized the woman in command of Fox News’ public relations department is leaking clips of Tucker Carlson, which have gone viral in recent days.

Clips of Carlson, who was fired by the network April 24, have been leaked to Media Matters and The New York Times.

In one clip, Carlson complained that his then-company would not maintain its streaming platform Fox Nation on behalf of customers.

Carlson commented that “nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks,” adding, “I’m just frustrated with it. It’s hard to use that site. I don’t know why they’re not fixing it. It’s driving me insane.”

In another clip, Carlson had choice words for Media Matters.

It is obvious none of the clips were meant to be seen by the public, and it is unclear how the behind-the-scenes outtakes ended up in the hands of Carlson’s far-left opponents.

On her radio show on Monday, Kelly theorized Irena Briganti, Fox’s senior executive vice president for corporate communications, is behind the leaks.

“So [Fox News] first leaked to the New York Times,” Kelly said during an interview with Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik.

Kelly added, “This is my supposition for the record because it hasn’t been yet confirmed, but I know it is. And I know it’s Irena Briganti who runs comms and f***ing hates Tucker. Sorry. She hates his guts.”

The host said the feeling between Briganti and Carlson is “mutual.”

“He doesn’t like her either,” she said. “None of us do. Nobody likes Irena.”

A Fox News spokesperson denied Kelly’s theory, calling it “completely false and an outright lie.”

But Kelly didn’t stop there. She further theorized Fox News will do anything to prevent Carlson from taking his audience with him to another network, such as Newsmax TV.

She claimed, “This is all an orchestrated hit job, in my opinion, and it’s not a subtle one.”

She said her former network is attempting to smear Carlson simply for the sake of doing it.

“Nice try, Fox!” she said.

Rolling Stone claimed that numerous Fox News sources told the publication Briganti had an “oppo file” she was prepared to use against Carlson if the network felt he was challenging those in command.

“One source with knowledge calls it an ‘oppo file,’” the outlet reported. “Two sources add that Fox is prepared to disclose some of its contents if execs suspect that Carlson is coming after the network.”

Rolling Stone added, “The file includes internal complaints regarding workplace conduct, disparaging comments about management and colleagues, and allegations that the now-former prime-time host created a toxic work environment, three of the sources say.”

In a comment for the story, Fox News denied it had compiled such a file on Carlson.

Fox News announced on April 24 that the network had separated from Carlson in a statement that featured Briganti’s name, as well as the name of one other communications department employee.

“FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” the network said in a terse statement. “We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.”

The statement concluded, “Mr. Carlson’s last program was Friday, April 21st.”

While the statement portrayed the separation between the host and the network as amicable, Rolling Stone claimed network sources said the breakup was on the “messiest possible terms.”


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