Make Africa WHITE AGAIN!


[Mike Walsh put up an article on his website about this topic. It stirs an anger within me when I think how we whites have been duped by the Jewish Liberal “knowledge” that all people are equal. At least in my youth I saw some of Africa under white rule and it was totally different to the utter dysfunction of modern Africa including South Africa where whites constantly have to retreat before the blacks despite endless black failure and inefficiency.

2,000 Years ago, the Romans believed THEY WERE BORN TO RULE! They were annoyed by the IMPUDENCE of anyone who dared to resist them! But can you believe that 2,000 years later we whites have accepted the Jewish Liberal lie that all races and peoples are equal! Is there any greater example of going BACKWARDS?

Whites conquered 90% of Africa in 20 years using nothing but horses and ox wagons! They built roads, towns, railways, bridges, man-made lakes, industry and agriculture in places that had never experienced this before.

Go to Mike Walsh’s article and see some of the photos he shows of what Africa looked like.

What the White Race does not realise is that Africa is the greatest, richest, most strategic territory on Earth, much wealthier than North America and Europe COMBINED … and yet we let it slip from our fingers. A century ago Europe nearly ruled the world. Now whites are left crammed into the smallest continent on Earth with all sorts of disadvantages (e.g. lack of resources, harsh climate, etc). While everyone else on earth, all other races, even the utterly dysfunctional blacks are thinking of expanding!

Has our race been gripped by the utmost stupidity and madness? The Soviet Union and Communist China keep trying to expand into Africa where the whites once ruled supreme. It is only whites who retreated. Everyone else sees the wealth and promise that lies here – but only whites were able to tap into it. The others are still too incompetent to unlock its unbelievable potential. Africa is several times wealthier than the North America if we could develop it.

It should be owned by the White Race again – not as a colony – but as a CONQUEST like whites did in North America! Conquer and dominate it totally – by whites instead of leaving it in the hands of these morons and losers.

If the White tax payers of Europe and North America stopped subsidizing Africa, MOST OF THE BLACKS WOULD DIE without spending so much as $1 to buy a bullet. The rest of us could step into a natural empty space and turn it into something GREAT like we were busy doing before Communist “Liberation” took place!

In Hitler’s 20 points for the NAZI party in 1920, he DEMANDED Colonies for the Germans.

The White Race is the race that has been crammed into the smallest piece of territory (Europe) that any race on the planet has. The majority of our race live in a tiny space which has a terrible climate while dysfunctional black morons control the greatest piece of real estate on Earth.

Here’s Mike’s article:

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