Lunatic Governor Caught Setting up Concentration Camps

[I don't agree with any criticisms of Hitler herein. I did not write this article. Jan]

It’s time for Americans in many states to begin taking extreme protective measures. Not because of some silly virus that has a 99.99% survival rate – but because many governors have decided to go “full Hitler.” One of the Democrat governors who ran for president last year has now been caught setting up concentration camps for people who refuse to comply with his increasingly insane lockdown provisions.

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee held a truly chilling press conference back on May 12th. He announced that the state would be asking restaurants and other businesses to snitch on their customers in order to help with “contact tracing.”

Inslee has set some of the highest goalposts of any governor when it comes to allowing businesses to reopen. He wants everyone in his state to submit to testing and in the unlikely event that a vaccine is ever developed, Inslee will try to force everyone to get the shot.

Inslee’s plan is for snitches to turn you in if you happen to wander too close to another person at the grocery store or someplace else. Then, Inslee will have one of his contact tracing teams show up at your house. Everyone in the home will be tested and then the contact tracers will take a look-see through your house to determine whether an infected family member will be able to effectively self-quarantine for two weeks.

If Inslee’s secret police don’t think you will be able to impose a quarantine on an infected family member, he told the people of Washington state that the infected person(s) would be subject to kidnapping-by-government against their will and placed in isolation. What Inslee didn’t mention during his “Look-at-me-I’m-Hitler” press conference was where people would be isolated.

Now we know.

A witness posted a photograph of one of Inslee’s concentration camps at the fairgrounds in Goldendale, Washington. It’s a series of camp trailers, presumably to lock people in isolation. The Mayor of Goldendale confirmed that it is a “health” camp for the isolation of people who test positive for the Chinese virus.

WARNING! Move Your Money Before June 10

WARNING! Move Your Money Before June 10

Internet sleuths have also discovered that the Washington state government is hiring specialists to work with kidnapped children at three isolation camps – one in Lake Stevens, one in Seattle and one in Richland. The job description says these specialists will be caring for “children who are COVID-19 positive, or who may have been exposed to COVID-19.”

As a parent, this is infuriating. It’s bad enough that Inslee plans to kidnap children who test positive for the virus. All of the science says that kids don’t face any risk from this illness – and they might not even transmit it to others. But Inslee even plans to kidnap children who “may have been exposed.”

Governor Inslee is also requiring counties to set up coronavirus internment camps before he will allow businesses there to reopen. And of course, counties are required to pay for setting the camps up without the help of state funds. This Inslee guy ran for president and he’s now running his state like his own personal fiefdom.

Are governors in other states setting up concentration camps? We don’t know, because no one has exposed any of them yet. But there have been a lot of governors, including in red states, who have been talking about “contact tracing.” California Governor Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew, is already partnering with tech companies to spy on people through their cell phones, so the government can see if you violated social distancing guidelines at the grocery store. (None of this technically legal, by the way.) The newest phone upgrades for iPhone and Android supposedly have a contact tracing function programmed into them. You know, to “help” the government track you even more.

We’ve implemented strict anti-contact tracing in our household, to hopefully prevent that knock from government agents looking to kidnap our kids. We have a pair of $20 burner phones for trips to the grocery store, so the spying smartphones can remain at home for now. We’re also paying cash for everything at the stores, since we know that the banks and credit card companies can be trusted to respect American privacy about as much as Apple and Google. And the GPS is disabled in the car, since we’re not taking any long trips right now anyway. Any other suggestions?

As far as these Democrat governors are concerned, you do not have any constitutional rights during a “public health emergency.” You don’t even have the right to isolate your children at home if they “may have been exposed” to the virus. The November elections suddenly look even more important than they already did.


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