Jews at work? North Korean missile fired by Russia against Ukraine contained US and European components


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[These are comments from one of my supporters from a few months ago. What my supporter did not mention is that Israel has in the past often sold High Tech US Military weapons and technology directly to China. Rest assured Jews are heavily involved in this. Jan]

He wrote:
Report: North Korean missile fired by Russia against Ukraine contained US and European components. President Reagan was extremely serious about all weapons being manufactured in the USA. Well guess what?

All other presidents after him let companies design, develop, and manufacture components all around the globe. These N Korean rockets show what happens.

China has the same jets (F35) as we do including the English on the dials, etc. Ours have different engines and fly a couple of hundred MPH faster. Someone gave them the blueprints. Pres Clinton let Loral Manuf. give the Chinese the staging sequences for their rockets and warheads which pushed China’s rocket development up by 25yrs.

The list is endless to what the USA has done to help our enemies. Democrats equal communist traitors. And in that bunch are a large group of jews.

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