Jewish Liberalism always ends in Civil War – The West could collapse into Civil/Racial Wars


From what I can see in history, especially European history, it seems to me that once the Jews have got their Liberal crap going and it really takes a hold on a country, that ultimately it leads to civil war. I was reading quite some time back that even the Spanish complained that before the "Spanish civil war" (which was really a Communist invasion actually), that they had problems with LIBERALISM. You’ll see the same in Germany before Hitler.

And I’ve said a long time ago that Liberalism ALWAYS LEADS TO (JEWISH) Communism.

I think the USA is going to be the poster child in the Western world for the death throes of Liberalism and how the country goes down in flames due to it.

It is this mixture of Jewish Globalist Multiculturalist crap that weakens and destroys the fabric of any society.

Liberalism, I think, will end in a BLOOD BATH everywhere!

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