Jewish Britain: Anti-White Race Traitor Truss: Top Jobs in Truss Government Given to Non-Whites – My Comments

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[White women in positions of great power can be utter morons. So finally we can see that Truss is a race traitor par excellence. Don't you miss Boris Johnson already? I do. He was at least even trying to export Blacks out of the UK. There is a big difference here, and Truss is clearly worse. I'm repeating that the Norwegian Anders Breivik was RIGHT! He warned of FEMINISM and where it would lead to. And it's a freaking nightmare. And the Whites in New Zealand are under a similar race traitor bitch, and they are cowering under her. She's a flipping communist even. I saw what White Afrikaans women did in the corporate world here in SA. They DISGUSTED ME. I did not even greet them, even though they were my superiors and several ranks higher than me. They disgusted me in the way they behaved. We need the White Male Patriarchy BACK! Jan]

AS EXPECTED THROUGHOUT the pointless Conservative Party ‘leadership contest’ of the past month, Liz Truss has today succeeded Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and is engaged in forming her first Cabinet.

This week she confirmed that the three great ‘offices of state’ below the premiership – Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary, and Home Secretary – will for the first time in history all be held by non-Whites.
Heading for the Treasury: Liz Truss’s first appointment will be Kwasi Kwarteng, the UK’s fourth non-White Chancellor in succession.

Kwasi Kwarteng – the son of Ghanaian immigrants – is to be Chancellor of the Exchequer with the task of repairing the UK’s battered post-pandemic finances, in the context of a new cost-of-living crisis partly produced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He will be the fourth non-White Chancellor in succession, his predecessors being Iraqi Kurd Nadhim Zahawi, Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak, and Pakistani ex-Muslim Sajid Javid.

James Cleverly – son of a British father and an African mother from Sierra Leone – is to be Foreign Secretary; the first non-White to hold this post.

And Suella Braverman – a Buddhist born to Indians who immigrated to the UK in the 1960s from Kenya and Mauritius – will be Home Secretary, succeeding the Indian Hindu Priti Patel.

This – we remind readers – is the modern Conservative Party, not some woke-crazed gang of socialists.
Heading for the Foreign Office: James Cleverly is set to be the UK’s first non-White Foreign Secretary.

H&D will report further on the composition of Truss’s new cabinet. In particular we are concerned by rumours that Tom Tugendhat – whose antecedents were discussed recently by our assistant editor – is about to be given a senior ministerial post overseeing the very same intelligence and security agencies that for decades reported on his grandfather’s alleged subversive activities and connections.

The new issue of the magazine takes a longer term view of the state of the Conservative Party, and the prospects for a racial-nationalist revival across Europe. This edition is being printed today and will be advertised very soon.

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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