Jew-infested Britain: List of British Jewish entertainers


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This list of British Jewish entertainers includes entertainers (actors, directors, screenwriters, musicians, and others) from the United Kingdom and its predecessor states who are or were Jewish.

The number of Jews contributing to British cinema increased after 1933, when Jews were prohibited from working in Nazi Germany.[1] In the early 1930s, an anti-semitic newspaper, The Fascist (published by the Imperial Fascist League), sought to isolate the Jews in British cinema.[1]

In the 1970s, the scripts for television of British Jewish playwright Jack Rosenthal entitled Bar Mitzvah Boy and The Evacuees were praised as “unprecedented” “British-Jewish depictions”.[2] Stephen Brook wrote in The Club in 1989 that while there had been Jewish actors in British theatre, Jews had been more prominent as producers or agents.[3] In 1995, The Independent observed that British Jewish comedians had taken the lead from American Jewish comedian Jackie Mason, by laughing at their own Jewish neuroses, Jewish mothers, and their leaning towards chicken soup and chopped liver, which they would not have done ten years prior.[4] By the year 2000, British-Jewish comics may have reached their largest numbers, including Arnold Brown, David Baddiel, and Sacha Baron Cohen.[5]





Musicians and singers[edit] 4, 2014 – It’s late at night in London and guitarist Dan Rothman is spending his Tuesday … I come from a really traditional Jewish family so the thought of …</ref>[170][171]



Classical musicians[edit]

Ballet dancers[edit]



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