Interest free Jewish Student loans for Jews only


[Here is another old email someone sent me that I'm only looking at now. Jan]

The message sent to me was:

Hi Jan,
I came across a website that offered interest free student loans for Jews only. My Computer crashed and lost the site address . This one (as Above) seems to imply they give to all religions (iow non Jews) applicants included. I personally doubt that! The older site said it was only for Jews and that they would one day be called upon to return the favor to the lenders. Syanim tactics forming a faithful army iow.
Clearly it used to be a Jewish affair only and they now are smoke screening.
Given that our black comrades want the tax payer to pay their education would it not be prudent to let them look the devil in the eye. How could we get all South African black students apply for FREE loans from this hypocrite racist organization. How to spread the word as the blacks love FREE things and will be disappointed at any Jewish bullshit after a lengthy application.

Any thoughts? Where to publish loans and get 1.5million applications going in…

Many Thanks for your courageous work and efforts.
I am sure there are days you feel alone and despondent. You are not and we value your heroic efforts. All the best.

My Reply:
Thank you very much for writing to me.

I have had lots of problems since I was banned and that included email problems and being able to reply properly to people. So my apologies for only getting back now after such a long time!

Thank you for your kind words. I have had my ups and downs.

It would not surprise me that Jews have special loans only for Jews. Interest free stuff too? That would be most interesting.

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