IMPORTANT: JEW ALERT: Watch for Israeli companies operating in African countries


A quick note for whites interested in Africa, South Africa and Zimbabwe. There are Israeli companies operating in Africa. I don’t know how many there are. But these companies are involved in various activities. Under Netanyahu there is a drive by Israel into Africa.

One of them is Nikuv, which has had the contract to rig Zimbabwean elections since 2008. It seems they are almost there on a permanent basis to rig elections.

I cam across 2 more names to watch: Solel Boneh and Hezi Bezalel‘s Efforte Group.

Just keep your eyes open for Israeli companies operating in Africa, and keep a close eye on things they are up to.

These companies will do ANYTHING. The Jews are siding fully with the blacks, so expect anti-white activities to be on their agenda. Jan.

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